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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

stupid internet and the ability to research with ease

i just looked up two of the different syndromes that maeve might possibly (yes, i know it's a "might possibly" but still..) have and they are scary. possible side affects: infertility, inability to grow, obesity, heart problems, mobility problems, learning problems...pretty much any problem that it's possible to have. bleh.


* my stinkin' awesome stroller doesn't fit in my slightly less awesome car.

* maeve slept in 2 hr. intervals last night--4 would be better but 2 is livable

* when did fall become winter? btw--was it ever fall b/c i think i missed it.

* my husband got me the most beautiful roses today and the yummiest chocolate milk shake last night. i <3 him.

* amelie loves her baby sister--it's pretty much the cutest thing ever.

* i have a small crush on the boy from pushing daisies...he's dreamy.

* i haven't scrapbooked in like 3 months. i'm scared to see how much catching up i have to do! i don't think it's going to happen any time soon...

* i love how newborns live all curled up in a cozy little ball.

* i love how toddlers make fishy faces, give fabulous kisses and learn dance routines like no one's business.

* our heat is finally working--YAY!

Monday, October 29, 2007

little miss cheesecake factory

amelie is a regular cheesecake factory with her silly smiles lately! it's so funny that she is finally smiling for pictures--for the longest time she was not interested in being photographed but now she loves it =-)

steven stayed home with us this morning and took amelie to choir practice this afternoon--she loves going to work with daddy and was thrilled to leave with him this morning! maeve and i are just hanging out--we watched some of the tv shows i've recently missed online and now i think it's time for a nap! yay!

the mailman brought me a present today--it's my new sling for maeve! i've figured out there's no way i'll be able to tote around baby and meet a big girl's needs so i think this will be a good solution--plus it's wicked cute. i <3 target and their free shipping!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

the sockless wonder

things are going well for the webers--i got slightly less sleep last night than i had hoped for (the big breastfeeding downfall--no one to pinch hit for nighttime feedings, although steve did offer to try....yuck haha!). i got a fab nap this afternoon though so that has recharged the batteries a bit! steve is an awesome help--he's been doing all amelie related duty and taking her out and treating her like a queen which is further cementing him in her heart as the fun parent! here's another picture of her famous little miss cheesecake smile!

in other news, maevey baby had her first bath by mama today--i learned:
a. amelie is totally jealous of me giving the baby baths
b. she thinks the tiny baby tub is HERS (thank goodness daddy was available to give her a bath in the big girl tub....)
c. i am woefully out of practice at handling a newborn, water, towels, etc..
d. it's hard to wash a baby before their gross belly button thingy falls off
(btw maeve's belly button thingy is HUGE, i asked the doctor about it b/c it's gross and weird, she assured me it was big but normal, i'd post a picture but that seems an invasion of privacy =-)

maeve also shares an interesting condition with her sister--it's called, "i have one big foot and one little foot" syndrome. amelie's right foot is like half a size larger then her left foot and maeve's right foot is her small one! i didn't figure this out until about 3 days of trying to keep socks on her--the sock on the tiny foot refuses to stay on. i've documented this phenomenon with pictures....

steven's family is coming over tonight for a visit so i think i'll brush my hair--yep, that's really as exciting as my day as gotten! ha! i'm soaking up the rest and relaxation as soon i will be helper-free and on my own! yikes!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

sleeping beauty and my stream of consciousness blog

* why doesn't my camera have a "newborn" setting for the flash? there are like 15 different settings and unfortunately they all blind maeve into shutting her eyes before i can get her picture! the best i could do is a "half eye open with my hand over the flash" pose...the other pose is the "i may be a newborn but i occasionally flash gang signs."

* maeve slept pretty well last night--waking up every hour between 9-1 but then switching to 2-3 hour intervals thereafter

* amelie is fighting her nap today--i call it the "daddy special." for some reason she thinks that having daddy home means party time!

* it's still raining...i'm happy for the rain and the cool air coming in my windows but i would really like to get out and take a walk tomorrow with my super cool double stroller...i'm praying for a few hours of sun!

* ok, i think i got amelie to sleep--i had to be the mean mommy and go in there and tell her that daddy was gone and unable to tuck her in! she was crying, "my daddy is goneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee." they are totally bonding now that i'm a full time member of newborn land--it's a good thing--i love to see how happy they make each other!

* steve will be home monday and tuesday morning--yay for family time! he hasn't had any time off except the day i came home and the cardiologist appt. so it will be nice to be together although he is still going into work to have choir/music team practice--such a dedicated teacher!

* ooo...the sun is shining


Friday, October 26, 2007

the thoughts that i've been thinkin'

* my arms look like corpse arms with all of the bruises from the i.v. which had to be re-inserted three times at the hospital...along with where they took blood--it's not pretty.

* if i resemble anyone famous at the moment it's probably dolly parton...nuf said.

* what's the deal with precious newborns sleeping 3 or 4 hour stretches during the day and 1 hour "stretches" at night...i'm LOVING every second of it but am pretty sure this pattern is going to make me veryyyyyyyyy tired =-)
* amelie is a big girl. when did it happen? she's so lovely it makes my heart hurt. this picture is of her "cheese!" face. also included, a picture of the backpack that maeve gifted amelie when we arrived home =)

* maeve is looking more and more like baby amelie did. she is lovely--her rolly little eyes make me smile.

* my mom just left for ny. *'s hard to hold your tears until after your crying mother leaves so that she doesn't feel she's leaving someone who doesn't want her to go. it's so hard to be apart from my family. i'm so thankful for everything i have in south jersey but i can't help but beg the Lord once in a while to let me go home.

* i love the rain and leaves and the fact that it's friday and fall.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

all i asked for was a weight check but ended up with C.H.O.P

what. a. day.
this is the kind of day that every mama has nightmares about...we went to the pediatrician for miss maeve's first appt./weight check today and it went well. they had us in bright and early and she already weighs 7 pounds 1 ounce (she was just 6/11 on monday! yay for good breastfeeding skills!). the doctor said she is doing beautiful BUT she heard a slight murmur in her heart. this wasn't a surprise because the first time the doctor examined her in the hospital she thought she heard a little murmur, but then the second doctor didn't hear one and then today--it was magically back again...

so, she referred us to the cardiologist and they rushed us into an appt. immediately following our ped. appt. i had a slight emotional breakdown in the car--i am head over heels for this baby and any bad news was pretty much devastating to me...
so, i made steve leave work and we headed to the cardiologist at CHOP (they have an office in voorhees). first of all, the cardiologist was one of the most handsome--movie-star type men i have ever seen--like 6'4'' and looked like denzel washington--(i'm allowed to say this b/c even my husband agrees! he was super nice and knew immediately that her murmur wasn't dangerous but was concerned because she had a weak pulse in her feet/legs. he ordered an ultrasound of her heart to check the condition of her aorta.

ultrasounds take 20 minutes. maeve is just a few days old and had already been at the doctors for about 4 hours...did i mention they are supposed to lay still for 20 minutes! yikes!

maeve is a champion. she was perfect--she didn't move at all and even eventually fell asleep (even though she only ate for about 20 minutes all morning since we were feeding under cover between doctors etc...).

so apparently her aorta is fine BUT she has a thickened wall in one of the chambers of her heart that could be one of 3 things:

1. thicker heart b/c i had problems with sugar during pregnancy (like diabetes--which i tested neg. for but if i had high glucose it could have affected her heart). if this is the case it should clear up when we go back in 2 months.

2. the muscle fibers are on the side of the chamber so it could appear to be thick even though it isn't--it could be just that it's hard to tell cause she's tiny. this also should appear to disappear at a later date.

3. one of two strange genetic problems that could be degenerative in nature. this is the bad one-which the doctor thinks it isn't, but there is always a possibility. he says that kids with either of these problems usually have a strange appearance, weird coloring--both of which maeve doesn't have.

so, that was our day! it was horrible. i cried a lot--i'm sure the lack of sleep and hormones didn't help.

maeve's FIRSTS for the day:
* doctor's appt.
* outing into the world
* shot
* ekg
* heart ultrasound
* breastfeeding in public (my LEAST favorite..)

i think that's enough for one day....don't you?

oh wait! amelie had a FIRST too--

she saw me use the breast pump for the first time and said, "i can squeeze it mama!" so of course, i let her squeeze amelie is now a certified lactation consultant! ahh! never let a toddler squeeze the breast pump! owwwwy hahahha =-)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


thank you Virtua for providing me with:* a free medela breast pump!
* nursing gear galore
* tons o diapers and wipes
* bottles and formula "just in case..." (as my nurse said)
where was all this stuff when amelie was born there just a few short years ago?

party animal

she's a real party animal--can't you tell? after sleeping most of the day away yesterday maeve decided to have an all night rave--as during those pregnant nights--and stay up from 11-3--woo! she's really precious and hasn't really cried at all but with those big newborn eyes staring at you it's hard to put her down and sleep even if she is peaceful! have i told you lately how happy i am? i am ;)

points to ponder
* when will i stop telling myself to do a kick count every time i lay down?

* does amelie realize that the baby is human? she is always asking to "pet" her...

* poor amelie is confused--i keep going to change her diaper since i'm now in "change a million diapers a day newborn mode" and she always looks offended like, "geez ma, you know, i only need like 3 diaper changes a day..."

* has anyone seen my husband? we're on swing shifts and i miss him.

* having other people deliver you dinner is the best kind of pampering--we had the best stuffed shells ever last night thanks to miss mandy

* i slept through House last night, darnit

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

action jackson

they don't call her the queen of hiccups for nothing!
Check out this video: maevey baby

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this might be t.m.i. but...

look at the excitement here! maeve is totally calm, cool and collected... she is a sleepy little chick who hasn't made many peeps! *sigh...i'm in love. amelie is fascinated by baby sister and loves to pet her, talk about her body parts (she has a nose!) and give her toys to sleep with. so far so good but too soon to tell i think...

anywho, i know you've been dying to hear about it so here's the BIG story!

so, friday i felt pretty normal and by normal i mean: huge, exhausted, grumpy, and pregnant... but i was hoping that it was our last friday as a familiy of 3 so we went out to eat and did some shopping at the mall (and by shopping i mean visiting two stores because that's all i could take!). about 10:30 i laid down for bed and felt a contraction or two--which wasn't a big deal to me b/c i've had them on and off for weeks. i woke up at 12:30 and was still feeling contractions but they were mild enough that i fell asleep again so.... at 1:30 i woke up AGAIN and thought, wow, these are coming kinda close together--maybe i should time them? i never experienced this with amelie so i wasn't sure what to i timed contractions for about an hour and they were coming every 4-6 minutes and lasting a long time (but surprisingly not very painful) so i called the doctor and said, "you'll probably just send me back home but i think i'm in labor." he told me to come on in since it was a 2nd baby and they come faster (praise the LORD!!).

steven's parents put the pedal to the metal and got here around 3:30 to watch amelie girl and we headed to the hospital. apparently saturday morning was a VERY popular time to have a baby b/c about 6 ladies, having their 2nd babies all got there at the same time, all of us in labor, one doctor on call....

that means i had to wait over 2 hours b/c of 2 emergency c -sections just to get checked from my doctor and to get the ok that i could stay (already 5 cent. w/o horrible pain which is good since i had to wait for the anest. to come).

so, epidurals make me happy--even though it's kind of a horrible process but by 5:30 i was totally comfy and watching contractions hop along on the monitor about every minute. i was still smiling, happy and comfortable until 8.5 cent (during this time i considered a bed-side blog but i wasn't smart enough to figure it out WHILE in labor haha). all of the sudden the pressure and pain hit me like a truck and i thought that i was probably going to die--couldn't believe i had put myself through this again! and was in horrible pain for about 2 hours (even though i was given MORE medicine) so the doctor decided i could just try to get the baby out! woo hoo!

unfortunately at this exact moment maeve decided to let her heart stop beating. i can't tell you how terrified i was--amelie's heart beat stopped about a million times during her labor but it always came back--maeve's didn't...

so, i started to push and on the second one the doctor was reaching for forceps since she was still heart-beat-free--at this point i was crying "i can't do this.." and i really didn't think i could--it was HORRIBLE. luckily God gave me some extra strength which when mingled with the terrible fear that your baby is going to die (the whole nicu team was waiting there watching me) she flew out in less then 5 minutes--and let out a lusty cry! yay! turns out little miss maeve likes to accessorize as much as her mama and sister--the cord was wrapped tightly around her neck......

the team looked at her quickly and she was totally fine and wriggling and pink on the warmer--i've never felt such relief in my life. being a mother is terrifying in general--but i've never felt fear like i did during those moments before and just after she was born! God is good--I am so thankful for my girl--my heart is too full to write about it.

someday i'll write about the reasons why i'm extra thankful for this particular little girl but i'm definately too hormonal at the moment--ha!

in other news--maeve is sleeping, eating and pooing like a champion! i, however, am still having horrible insomnia and think something is wrong with me! i didn't fall asleep until after 3:30 last night even though maeve was in a peaceful slumber since 7! urgh.

i love her. i'm happy--no, ecstatic and SO THANKFUL to God for the gift of motherhood.

Monday, October 22, 2007

sorry i'm not returning your calls....

we're home--big YAY! i slept about a grand total of 6 hours the entire time i was in the hospital--bleh! i'm glad we're here and can start the long process of settling in. here are some pictures of my maevey beans--isn't she lovely? i'm head over heels for her... say a little prayer for my sweet amelie girl who is wondering why mama can't pick her up and why baby swings weren't made for 30 pound toddlers... more updates to come as i become more human =-)
amelie girl--december 2004 maevey baby--yesterday

Sunday, October 21, 2007


i should have packed maeve a swimsuit to come home in...

labor day

little miss maeve is finally here! and it only took me 24 hours to figure out how to blog on my television...i nearly did a blog during labor (the still smiling part) but couldn't figure out this ghetto internet system. anywho, maeve was born after 11 hours of labor and 2 minutes of pushing! i'll write the real story when i'm home and comfy so you can hear all the gory details =-) she weighs 6 pounds 15 ounces (i'll spare you my weight) and is 20 inches long and beautiful!!!!! i am thrilled she is here and will post pictures soon!

Friday, October 19, 2007

humidity, rain and clouds oh my!

um, will someone please tell the jet stream that it's october? october = low humidity, sun, cool weather.....right? it's hazy hot and humid again in jersey and i'm thanking the Good Lord for my sweet a.c.
my amelie girl woke up this morning with a hankering for grapes...which is strange b/c we haven't had any in literally, there was no peace in the weber household until we went grocery shopping--she also ordered: oranges, apples and strawberries! i'm glad that kiddo likes food that is good for you b/c mama is just the opposite!
we also stopped by the library today to pick up some new dvds and books and i couldn't believe how well behaved amelie was! usually she talks REALLY loudly and runs around but today she helped me pick books and even check out. sometimes she's so grown up it fills my heart with joy so that it hurts! she's such a blessing and i am so thankful for every minute (well, almost every minute hehe..) we spend together.
steven also entertained us for almost a whole hour--it was wonderful! i'm so thankful that God allowed us to find a place so close to his work--what a blessing!
not much else is going on...i'm still hoping that something spontaneous will happen with miss maeve this weekend...her uncle jon's birthday is on monday so maybe she's waiting to share his day.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

good news!

i found out today that the longest i have to go is next friday! monday i head to the doctor's for a non-stress test for baby m. and if all checks out--i can be induced friday! woo hoo! if she is feeling stress then i'll go in monday....i'm hoping she is resting easy and will choose to come on her own BEFORE friday but i'm THRILLED BEYOND BELIEF THAT SOMEDAY THIS PREGNANCY WILL END! HALLELUJAH!!!

also, amelie went to nap at 1 and didn't get up until we woke her at 4:30!

aw, i love good news...

why am i exhausted? all i did was sit down....

*sigh...gettin' weary over here! steven looked at me the other day and said, "i can't remember a time you weren't pregnant..." thanks honey and me neither! today i have a dr's appt so maybe there will be some news--i plan to find out just how long they'll let me linger in this state if little miss w. doesn't make an appearance soon.
amelie and i went to the park today and played for a while--it is BEAUTIFUL outside! we picked flowers and amelie figured out the one slide that was soaking wet, slid down and then jumped into the mulch and rolled around--she looked like a mulch sandwich! and big surprise, we also stopped to see steven--we eat pizza every thursday with him and it's pretty much amelie's favorite (i like it pretty good myself =-).

we ran into a lady from church and she pulled me aside and said, "i bet you're tired, it's so hard--but you can do this!" it seriously made me feel better--usually you just get the--"oh, you're huge! why are you still pregnant?" was nice to be encouraged a little bit!
i'm going to try to convince my little daredevil that nap time should be early today...hopefully i'm successful =-)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

pick a title: the Lord works in mysterious ways; i take back what i said about becoming a hermit; can someone please pry the baby out of my ribcage?

so, i tried to continue my hermit-like streak but ran into some complications today! amelie slept in like a precious angel and we made a trip to walmart to pick up some odds and ends--including this cow flashlight which she loves! we then spent about an hour with steven--let me just say, i LOVE being close by his school!!! amelie spent a lot of time playing the drums and with the various "toys" available in daddy's room.

upon coming home we spied two little boys playing outside with their mama and so amelie wanted to sit outside and watch them play. they eventually came over to introduce themselves to us and it turns out they were people i've been dying to meet--i just didn't know it was them! the mom's name is alejandra and she's from guatamala and is living here with her 9 mo. and 2 y. old son and her husband works at a hospital in philly. my pastor's wife had told me about her months ago while we were planning our move to heights and i've never been able to meet her in person until the Lord brought us together today! she is a sweetheart and i'm hoping this baby comes along soon so we can start walking together--as she loves to walk and i need to!

i'm so excited to get to know her and her family better! God is good, i'm glad i failed at being a hermit today or i might not have gotten to meet her so soon =-)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

day 3: ok, i'll admit it, i'm not that good at being a hermit

so here is a picture of the newest addition to our play group! yay for baby leah! she's precious and already looking bigger--how do they grow so fast? oh yeah, it's probably from all the energy they suck outta their mamas! i had to include this picture of amelie who was very distressed that i took a picture of another baby--poor thing! she has no idea what's comin' her way soon (or at least soon-ish!).
it's a beautiful day for a park visit and it's always good to see our buddies. amelie was sad to leave but mama just doesn't last that long in the real world now-a-days and i also refuse to use a porta potty =-) (i know, T.M.I.! get used to it, i haven't shared my birth story yet! ha!). steven came and saw us for a few minutes at the park--it's always good to have extra daddy time!

nothing else is planned for today except for a nap! i'm already praying that amelie goes down without a fuss b/c i need one!

and, it's not that i hate being pregnant (although i will not contend that i am ready for it to be over) it's just that i want to meet her.... maeve, if you can hear me--i just want to see your sweet face...
Week 40
Your Baby's Development

The average birth weight for babies born at 40 weeks is about seven pounds, eight ounces and the average length is about 21 inches.

There are a number of surprising physical characteristics you may notice upon Baby’s arrival. You may not have realized the extent to which your hormones can affect your baby at this stage. Because of the presence of your hormones in your baby's system, your baby's genitals (scrotum in boys and labia in girls) may appear enlarged. Your baby boy or girl may secrete milk from the tiny nipples. This is another hormone-related occurrence that should disappear in a few days and is completely normal. Finally, hormones may cause some "infant acne" pimples on your baby's face. These, too, will disappear within a month or so of birth.

Although many moms think of a baby's skin as "perfect," it can be very sensitive. When your baby is born, it's normal for her to have skin discoloration; blotchy, dry skin; or even rashes.
Baby's trip through the constricting birth canal will temporarily mold her tiny head into a cone shape; this will round out within a few days of life.
Babies are capable of crying at birth, but they are born with an underdeveloped tear duct system. You may notice that tears don't appear until one to three months of age.
The umbilical cord between the placenta and fetus may be up to two feet long at birth. After the cord is cut, a remnant will remain attached to the baby's abdomen. It will drop off within the first month

Monday, October 15, 2007

hermitage: day 2

so, i wasn't quite a hermit today--the webers were having a grocery crisis so amelie and i had to head out to the store and stock up! but, i will still brand myself a semi-successful hermit b/c we didn't run into any acquaintances and avoided all eye contact with strangers so i only had to talk to amelie, which, is a joy b/c she doesn't seem to notice mama's huge belly.
as i've written before, we're transitioning amelie into her big girl bed and it's going a little rough--last night she jumped out a few times and i was soooo tired that i told steve to just put her in the crib (yes, i know she can jump out of that too--it just takes longer =-). amelie was SO offended that we put her in the crib--she ran out, opened the door and yelled, "i want my big girl bed!" and proceeded to get back into her bed and not get out again. it was pretty awesome. i'm so glad she loves her bed and now we have a trick to getting her to stay in it! (hopefully the trick doesn't wear off too soon!).
not much else is new here--we're supposed to meet friends at the park tomorrow but i can't help but hope we don't make it =-) time will the way, i love fall, cool weather and sunny days! i'm also making the best dinner ever tonight, maybe it will be our last supper before the big event! mmm...ribs, home made applesauce and bread, baked beans (my favorite brand from new york, thank you wegmans!), mashed potatoes and veggies....mmmm....

Sunday, October 14, 2007

the hermitage: day 1

so, my first official day as a hermit has gone well. i've felt veryyyyyyyyyyyyy tired and have slept most of the day--taking time only to make my little family lunch and of course, blog! amelie and steve were good little baptists and went to church, which made me sad, because i would love to go if i could stand talking out loud to people. you see, as a rule, i'm not really into talking out loud to people anyway, so in my present condition, talking out loud just seems like cruel and unusual punishment.
i tried to get a picture of steven and amelie together this morning since they were both lookin' so fine, but amelie wasn't in the mood, therefore, the separate picture of daddy trying to tempt her over with a smile.

amelie brought home a hilarious little piece of propaganda from sunday school today that i just couldn't help but post. apparently they were learning about how God provided for Moses and the children of Israel while in the desert and that He sent them birds to eat when they complained about the manna not being sufficient. i just think it's hilarious that now our little 2 year olds know that meat is from God so beware future vegetarians!! i have nothing against meat, and actually don't really enjoy vegetables, it just struck me as hilarious that their project had that phrase. if you don't think it's hilarious, it's probably just because you aren't a hermit!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

that's it! i've decided to become a hermit! a.k.a. no, i don't want to talk about it!

reasons i'm becoming a hermit:
1. i'm still pregnant
2. everyone i see states, "oh, you're still pregnant?"
3. duh
4. they also ask, "how do you feel?" or "why are you still pregnant?"
5. yes i know you're being nice but i'm strongly trying to suppress the urge to punch you in the face or say something really horrible.
6. answering these questions has caused emotional instability in me

i figure it's easier to become a hermit then to wear a "don't talk to or look at the pregnant lady" sign.

i'm not even gonna go to church. i'm done. also, everyone apparently at steven's school (which is in the same building as our church, making the world a bit too small) thinks i had the baby b/c he stayed home to help me friday since i was having blood pressure issues....

on a bright note, i found out today that my pre-pregnancy jeans still fit me.
on a darker note, i'm bummed about the $40 i spent on maternity jeans.

guess what? my little girl isn't so little anymore! she slept like an angel last night in her big girl bed (which i was hesitant to move her to). i finally gave in and let her sleep in it after she crib jumped for a solid hour last night. she even took a successful nap in it today! PRAISE THE LORD!

i want some cheesecake. and not just any cheesecake--chocolate-brownie-kahlua cheesecake from cheesecake factory. yummy.

the end.

Friday, October 12, 2007

six to one half a dozen to the other

bullet blogging

* i was hoping to make a big announcement today as i had to visit the dr's two days in a row--they were talking of bringing maeve along soon as my blood pressure was too high yesterday but it came back down today so no news in that department!

* steve stayed home to help me today with amelie--so i officially blame him for my low blood pressure as his presence makes everything much more enjoyable/easier =-)

* i've been a faithful grey's anatomy watcher since it started but have found myself disillusioned with all the drama this season (yes, i know it's a drama--but seriously, why can't anyone be happy for about 5 minutes?)

* tim daly is a surprisingly bad actor--check out this weeks private practice on if you don't believe me...

* pushing daisies, also on abc is a very enjoyable show--i hope it sticks around--it's very fairy-tale-ish, vivid, original and well written

* i love that offers it's popular shows full length online--i don't care to watch tv at night so it's nice to be able to catch up on my shows when i have a chance and feel like vegging

* yes, i know it's 60 degrees out but I AM STILL HOT.

* my hospital bag is mocking me--everyday for the last three weeks it has sat in the corner in my bedroom tempting me with dreams of going into labor--all to no avail.

happy friday!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

beware: it could be a case of pregnancy mouth but....

seriously, i am sick and tired of people hinting or telling me, directly or indirectly that girls are somehow inferior, less enjoyable, more difficult/stressful, less rewarding to raise then boys.

are you kidding me?

the thing that irritates me most is that it is WOMEN who say or imply these things. where is one's sense of pride in being a woman? or being thankful for the gift of raising a future woman/mother?

i have nothing against boys, i think they are fab--my favorite person in the whole wide world, is in fact, a boy...

i think any woman who doesn't love women, girls etc. really just doesn't love themselves. also, i am beyond grateful and enormously thankful that i have the chance to raise any child at all--even if, poor me, they happen to be girls...

whew, i feel slightly better. ha!

by the way, also, amelie is the best ever--i'm glad she's a girl, i'm proud of her girly-ness and i want more then anything to instill in her the fact that she is valuable, that she is loved and that she is exactly who God created her to be.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

yahoo weather--undependable bane of my day

yahoo totally lied to me and assured me that today would be cool and less humid, it's totally melty out still! not as bad as yesterday but still....
so amelie and i are having an interesting morning--she's a bit out of sorts--one of those, "i'm so glad God made her cute" days! we had errands to run and got to squeeze in a quick play date with our smith pals before lunch with daddy. i was too lazy to capture any play date action but i got amelie to stand still for a somber pose for today's post =-)
in other news i was at the doctor's for over an hour and a half last night--seems i've been blessed with an ear infection--b/c wouldn't it be fabulous to go into labor with ear pain too! not that i've had any indication that i'll be in labor anytime soon...
i also love maeve, she was kicking and twisting about for a solid hour last night--i was hoping she might knock something loose so that she could fall out but it didn't happen. anywho, i'm totally looking forward to nap seems 1 (or 2 somedays) just can't come soon enough!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

watch where you step--that's not rainwater, it's a puddle of my own sweat

urgh, it is disgusto outside today--so humid, cloudy, hot...bleh! we were at the park for a little while this morning and i'm pretty sure my face and a few other body parts literally melted off of me. bleck! Praise the Lord it's supposed to rain tonight and cooler weather is on the way! hip hip horray!!! this pregnant lady has some fall maternity wear she hasn't been able to break out yet =-) (although, i will say that i wasn't hoping that i'd make it this far!)

anywho, the biggest and best news today is that we were able to meet baby leah and see her mama--she's a perfect little pearl--i can't wait to see her learn and grow alongside our other kiddos!

and yeah....she's still in there. here is what is keeping maeve so busy that apparently she just doesn't have time yet to make an appearance:
Week 39
Your Baby's Development

Even as late as the 39th week, there is one part of your Baby's body that hasn't quite finished developing: the two soft spots on your baby's head called the fontanels, where the skull bones haven't yet joined together. These areas allow the flexible skull bones to bend, without damaging the brain, as Baby travels down the birth canal. Because of the strength of the contractions during labor, many newborn heads look elongated or cone-shaped right after birth. The bones will return to their round shape within a few days after birth. During Baby's first year the skull will harden; by 18 months, the soft spots on Baby's head will have completely disappeared.

Other last-minute developments continue:

Baby's skeleton continues to develop. Your baby now has 300 bones (about 100 more than an adult does, since some bones fuse together as the child grows).

Sunday, October 7, 2007

no news is no news....

here is a picture of my amelie girl from LAST october--time sure flies! (also, i've been too lazy to take pictures of her everyday recently =-). another uneventful day at the weber's--we stayed home from church to rest and relax and all got to take a good nap (except for poor steven who had a master's paper to finish). i decided a good way to pass my time of waiting would be to set up some more baby accessories. so i put up a pack n play in the living room and discovered i'm missing a piece to the bassinet--luckily, graco sells every single piece for replacement for their play yards--so kudos to graco for having the piece that i needed for amelie's old school baby equipment. and yes, that really is the most exciting thing going on here today =-) i saw a new consignment shop in town the other day that i think i will check out tomorrow...maybe i'll have something super exciting to report then!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

things i am currently craving in no particular order

1. ice cream
2. gumballs
3. chocolate milk
4. bbq chicken
5. nap
6. bath
7. labor


i think we're in trouble....

she didn't take a nap until 5:30....

Friday, October 5, 2007

another week down...

so--no baby news yet! steve has predicted maeve will appear this weekend--so we will see whether or not that comes to fruition...
amelie and i had a lovely day--we picked up a cute gift for our new friend leah and met daddy for lunch. she took a great nap (and so did i) and then i got to spend some time shopping and eating with my friend amy! it's always lovely to be able to shop and eat with a little bit of peace and no toddler punching me in the face with her fork... ha! i bought amelie a special gift "from" maeve that i am excited about giving her! not too much else is new--a peaceful weekend is planned. just for fun, here is a list of amelie's new favorites:
1. amelie loves curious george! she will sit and watch the full length movie every day if i let her!
2. amelie also is really good at copying dance routines so she loves to dance along with hi 5--her favorite songs are action hero, T* E* A* M* and something about being under the sea--she does a mean seagull impression.
3. her new favorite-which she saw a preview for on the george movie is barbie island princess. i'm not really into barbie but she loves the singing, dancing and animals. whenever barbie isn't on the screen she is always asking, "where'd barbie go?" she also has memorized the words to a lot of the songs--it's scary, maybe she watches just a touch too much tv =-)
4. this isn't a movie but she loves her late night park dates with daddy--they play for hours on the church's swingset, get a treat (ice cream or swedish fish) and just generally have fun bonding.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

it's not easy being green....

with envy!

i just saw some beautiful pictures of the newest addition to our playgroup family and i am wishin' that little miss weber would get on her way soon!

hey maeve! if you can hear me, i just want you to know that i would like to see your face a.s.a.p.!

why am i sweating at 8 a.m. in october?

apparently it's summer again (i was never truly convinced it left, although, the leaves on the ground have pushed me towards "fall" thinking). it's going to be in the upper 80s today and i am already hot! this is not a good sign...=-)

amelie and i have a bunch of errands to run today and then we're planning on lunch with steven--yay for pizza lunch on thursdays! by the way, amelie was eerily perfect yesterday--and i mean, like, the best behavior ever. no temper tantrums AT ALL until like 15 minutes before bed--which for a 2 year old, is pretty freakin' amazing. hopefully she wasn't storing up two days of grumpiness for today! ha!

i have another dr's appt today so hopefully there will be news on that "front." speaking of dr's offices, the other day i was at one (for amelie's flu shot) and one of the nurses came up to me and asked when i was due and i told her my usual "any day now.." and she said, "oh, i knew it, b/c your baby is sooooooooo low." and i'm thinking, the baby is all the way up inside my ribcage--it's not the baby you think you see down there, it's the enormous layer of fat that is supporting her!

she's lucky i had my pregnancy mouth under control--i'm the queen of T.M.I. these days!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

wednesday is a wonderful day for a birthday!

amelie and i had a very nice morning at the park with our friends the smith's and upon coming home received the excellent news that our good friend miss megan had her baby this morning! yay for little leah, we can't wait to meet you!
nothing quite that exciting is going on in the weber household...but technically it can't be THAT much, here's to hoping that it's sooner rather then later!

in other news, amelie has been working on her biking skills...she still isn't pedalling (even though she can) but prefers pushing her bike along by foot--at least she's easier to catch this way!
undefined amels bikin

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

i could get used to this!

what a lovely day to see all of our friends at the park! there's nothing better then a little quality time with friends to make your day brighter! it's beautiful outside--fall is my favorite (if only it didn't mean that winter was coming!!).
before meeting our friends at the park, amelie slept in till 9 (yay!!) and then we headed off to get her flu shot. she hasn't been to the doctors in agessss so she was a little perplexed and nervous about being there! i was feeling guilty for getting her an "elective" shot but would hate to see her get the flu this year if we can prevent it! the doctor came in and gave her the shot and she didn't cry at all! she just looked at me, held the arm OPPOSITE to the one that got the shot and said, "ow, mommy!" she continued to tell me that the arm that didn't rec. the shot hurt--which made me laugh a little--but she forgOt all about it once we got to the park and saw all of our buddies!
oh yeah, and if one more stranger proclaims i must be due any minute i'm not gonna answer nicely! maybe i'll just keep maeve around forever because i LOVE being 9 months pregnant just that much....on second thought...maybe not! i find the surest answer is always to say--oh, i'm overdue--so any day now! ha!

maeve is moving along--and right up and into my rib cage! here's the update on my still belly bound baby!
Week 38
Your Baby's Development
This is the week in which Baby begins to outgrow the watery home where she's been developing these past nine months. Baby should weigh almost seven pounds this week, but at a length of about 21 inches, Baby hasn't grown much taller. The average full-term newborn weighs between six and nine pounds and is 18 to 21 inches long.

Here are a few other developments this week:

Although Baby's growth is slowing, fat will continue to accumulate to help insulate Baby even more for her entry to the outside world.
Meconium (Baby's feces) will continue to build up in her intestines.
By now, the circumference of baby's head and abdomen are about the same.