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Thursday, August 30, 2007

mina's day at the park

giving her new best friend, "mina," a gift from granny, a round at the park--first stop--the teeter totter!

here's mina on the bouncy thing (i think that's the technical term)

here she is on the slide!

this was totally the day that never ended! it's mostly wonderful to be home but on those days when babycakes is impossible to please, doesn't know what she wants and a big old cranky pants (not unlike her mama) it makes for a longggggg day! thankfully we have a longggg weekend with daddy to recover! woo hoo!!!!!
we had a lovely morning at a local park--the weather was fab! we went a little early b/c as i mentioned, amelie was a bit out of sorts, so we documented her adventures with her new favorite stuffed animal! of course, by the time our good friends got there i was out of camera battery power! i have to find that charger! (along with about a million other things!!!)
here's mina getting the ride of her life on the swings!
Check out this video: mina’s day at the park

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

wait, what day is it?

i <3 amelie, she's precious to me! we didn't do too much today--for i am seriously becoming more and more gelatinous with each new day. all this baby growing is hard work and i can't fathom how in the world i worked full time right up until my delivery with amelie.
i have a feeling that it is going to be a long night because steven is finishing up his final project for his current class and will be away from home--=-( i miss him already!
this is an awful lot of complaining so here is what i'm thankful for today:
1. the fact that acme sells tiny white powdered donuts. yummy.
2. i got a great nap and so did amelie!
3. my husband is home for now, i'm enjoying every minute!
4. i have a car that works! and an air conditioned house that i i don't have to pay any bills for!
5. blue skies and less humid weather

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

oh wait, i'm not completely stupid

i figured out how to upload pictures finally! i'm not quite smart enough to use a fancy laptop! here's amelie this morning BRIGHT and EARLY swimming--she ran outside and immediately stripped down for some swim time. i finally convinced her to wear at least part of her swimsuit!

time just keeps tickin' by

well, it's tuesday and we're getting into a groove--amelie and i have the house to ourselves all day so it's pretty much just like being home--only with better food! i still haven't figured out how to upload pictures to this computer so i am just posting a picture of amelie's new play tent set from target, target has the best stuff--everything always looks so good there--they could tempt me to buy garbage bags. amelie loves her new toy!
today is steven's first day back to school--which is sad!!! i love having him all to myself in the summer--his abbrev. schedule is my favorite and now he once again belongs to the music department...=-(
not too much is new today--we had a very full/fun day yesterday and met up for an impromptu play date with our friends (amelie LOVES that park and hates to leave even to see daddy!), spent a small fortune at target, ate happy meals and took a 2 hour nap together--yay! i also got amelie a new pool which i will have to document as soon as i can find my camera....
also, i've started to feel very pregnant, tired, achy lately and i don't like it. m.v.w. is getting very big and is moving allllll the time (esp. when i'm trying to sleep!). it's kind of uncomfortable but i'm trying to savor these moments...=-)
anywho, happy tuesday!

week 33 in the life of m.v.w.In these last few weeks before delivery, billions of your baby's brain cells are helping her to learn about her environment. These cells help her to listen, feel, and even see. In fact, this is another important week for visual development. By now, your baby may now be able to experience her surroundings visually, since the pupils of her eye can now detect some light. Her pupils are constricting and dilating to allow her baby to see dim shapes.

Your baby now weighs about 4.4 pounds! (Babies gain a good deal of their weight in the final few weeks before birth.) She is about 16.4 inches long from head to toe.

Other developments this week include:

Baby's head size will increase about 3/8 of an inch in circumference this week.
Baby is now sleeping much of the time.
Baby's lungs are continuing to mature.
Fat will continue to be added on to Baby's body for protection and warmth.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

part 1

well, we lived through moving day part 1 thanks to some help from our favorite friends, the vaughns and steven's workmate adam! thanks guys for all of your hard work and sweat and tears--it was a horrible hot humid day from h&^&% to be moving but we survived! amelie was a real champ and took a nap and also slept fairly well last night.
amelie is having lots of fun already being spoiled by granny and pop pop--she is in for a rude awakening when it's back to a life without luxury with her mama and papa!
in other news i think i need a nap. STAT!

Friday, August 24, 2007

obsession thy name is flashlight

since all of our hiding places are exposed amelie has found a plethora of new toys including but not limited to: suitcase, vacuum, broom and dustpan, boxes, phone book, potatoes and lately--flash light. she shined the flashlight in every nook and cranny and in mama's eyes a few times. it's the simple things that seem to entertain most!
in other news i threw my back out last night cleaning/spackling/boxing. that was fabulous--it seems to have mostly healed over night but is hampering my ability to bend and scrub which was the only job i had planned on doing since i am off lift and carry duty. fun times, ha!
tomorrow's the big day....i'm actually looking forward to it b/c at least i get to see my favorite redheaded friend in the world (and her family) tomorrow and that will pretty much make moving worth it =-)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

this is what happens

this is what happens when 2 year olds are stuck inside 3 days in a row because of rain....(sorry for the poor video quality, it was too dark but too cute to pass up).

Check out this video: after 3 days stuck indoors b/c of rain

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that's what friends are for

it's been a record setting week--3 play dates! woo hoo! those are the kind of records i like to set =-) we're so blessed to have friends to hang out with, i love them all and am so thankful that God put them in my life! we even had lunch with steven today which is always such an encouragement to me, i love hanging out with my honey!
the kiddos played at a nice shadey park today and it was cool and refreshing and a little wet (as displayed on the bottoms of all of the babies who went down slides!). it's been wonderful to have a few days in a row of cool weather!!
things are falling into place for saturdays move--and i've been encouraged at the offers of help--i will be glad when it's over!!
m.v.w. is kicking like a soccer star--last night she gave a few really good ones--amelie never took my breath away or hurt me but this little one is a bugger! it took me a long time to fall asleep last night between the jabs and pokes--i'm glad she's doing well though, it's a relief even if it's painful!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

some of the best things in the world

1. when amelie likes me best
2. waking up in the middle of the night next to my husband who is always sleeping peacefully beside me
3. laying out in the green grass on a sunny warm day in NY at my parent's home
4. feeling m.v.w. squirming around in my belly
5. being a child of God
6. waking up at 8:30 and knowing that amelie is still asleep OR waking up after a 2 hour nap in the afternoon and knowing that amelie is still asleep
7. sitting in silence in the same room as my best friend and not having to say anything
8. that my husband knows exactly what to do when i'm sad
9. "big hug" from amelie a la teletubbies
10. coming back to a home that is safe and happy and warm (or air conditioned depending on the season) to or with my amelie girl and honey pie

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

rainy days and tuesdays

since it's too rainy to play outside today--here's a picture of amelie from our park trip the other day (i can at least pretend it's sunny outside!). nothing is really new here aside from the fact that i've decided to start a new hobby--i'm going into the bow making business--maybe amelie will even wear them! i figure if i start putting headbands on baby weber when she is too little to do anything about it maybe i'll be able to keep them on as she gets bigger--gotta have something to decorate that sure to be bald head! so, i'm going to try to make some this week and i'll post pictures of my progress, i'm sure you're all desperately interested...hehe..
in other super exciting news amelie has invented a new game--it's called "spin the baby on the office chair." she thinks it's absolutely hilarious to get as dizzy as possible by being spun in circles on the desk's loads o fun...ha!
here is what m.v.w. is up to this week! time is certainly ticking away!

Sure, 37 weeks is the magic number -- that's when your baby is officially deemed full-term, even though pregnancy may go to 40 weeks or beyond! But this week is also an important one for early arrivals, since almost all babies born at this stage or later survive and go on to have very healthy, normal lives. By this time all of his major organs are fully functioning except the lungs, which need just a bit more time to mature completely. This week your baby will also start to shed that downy hair (lanugo) that's covered his body for the past few months. He'll lose most of this fuzzy coating by the time he's born, but you may spot some errant hairs on his back or shoulders.

At around 4 pounds, your baby's taking up a lot of space in your uterus now -- so much so that it's getting a bit crowded for kicking. So don't be alarmed if you don't feel him moving quite as much, though it's a good idea to count your baby's movements occasionally to make sure all's well in there (it's best if you can do this while you lie on your left side for a while). If you feel anything fewer than 10 kicks, rolls, flutters, etc., in two hours, call your doctor to double-check that everything's A-OK.

Monday, August 20, 2007

His eye is on the sparrow and i know He watches me...

things are going well for the webers but honestly i'm feeling a little discouraged. i know if i spent more time being thankful and less time worrying i wouldn't feel this way but as we get closer to a very uncertain move and a very certain delivery i'm feeling anxious. i'm going to TRY to resolve to focus on the positive so here is my list of THANKS for this day:
1. all of our many good friends with kiddos with whom we got to play today!!!
2. my hardworking hottie hubby
3. the health of my marriage and friendship with said husband
4. the good health of all in my immediate family
5. the rain and amelie's love of puddle jumping (even if that love results in a temper tantrum when i make her return to the less soggy indoors)
6. the fact that we have somewhere to live even if it might not be easy or secure
7. God's patience and love for me
8. amelie is a good sleeper who takes wonderful naps
9. m.v.w. is full of reassuring activity (i.e. kicks) during those hours especially where i lay awake at night worrying about things
10. being able to read the blogs of my friends both near and far, it's always encouraging to hear about other people and read about their lives!
i could go on and on and on but i hear a little screamer in the other room so i must depart =-)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

sensitive sunday

Check out this video: amelie thinkin’

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it's another lovely--low humidity day in south jersey--YAY!!! we had a nice morning at church (amelie did NOT want to leave sunday school!) and a nice lunch! amelie was a little bit sensitive when we came home but she's over that now so hopefully there will be clear sailing from here! we are wishing for a family nap--before which we must:
a. convince amelie that a nap is necessary today
b. pack a few boxes
c. put the boxes in the car (no easy feat when it's downstairs, through the rain and 500 feet away from our apartment!)
d. steve has to finish working on his paper which is due today
and so on....
i think we'll make a trip over to the in-law's today with a car full and hopefully find some time to relax!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

i've got one hand in my pocket and the other one is causin' trouble

what a beautiful day! i love it when it's not too hot and not too humid--i almost feel human again! i had a lovely little day with my family--we made a few trips over to the in-law's with more of our gear and went out to lunch! i even got in a nice nap which was fabulous, as they always are. unfortunately my poor sweet husband didn't get a nap and is weary as his current master's class is very challenging! i'm so proud of him and all of his hard work, he's my favorite.
here's a picture of amelie from the park yesterday--she's been a little stir crazy in the mornings and i'm trying to be a good blob, i mean, mama, and taking her to the park when it's still livable outside!

Friday, August 17, 2007

1 week to go!

* 1 week until the big move
** amelie thought the spackle that i was filling holes in with yesterday was yogurt and was following me around saying, "pleaseeeeeeeeee can i have the pink yoggie??" i failed to convince her that it wasn't yogurt and even offered her real yogurt which she rejected.
*** my belly is getting huge, startlingly copious at times, i can no longer paint my toe nails--they look shabby and i barely fit in the tub
**** i am addicted to ebay--seriously, is there a support group or something that i could join?
***** though my house is mostly spotless, the interior of my car is embarrassingly dirty (2 month old goldfish anyone?)....urgh, i shudder just thinking about it
***** i literally think that amelie gets cuter every single day, if she continues at this rate i soon will no longer be able to look at her (notice i didn't say she gets sweeter everyday...ha!)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

you have a million toys and THIS is what you play with?!?

amelie is playing with potatos today--yep, your favorite veggie and mine is her favorite toy of the day! it all started innocently enough when i was cleaning the kitchen (impending move and all) and she started transferring taters from one container to another--they've actually kept her busy for about an hour--pretty amazing stuff! this is her sorting! also included in a picture of her, what should i do with taters now face.

i think today will be a laying low day--no errands to run and my car is low on gas and i can't face parting with $30 to fill it =-) i've packed a few boxes and patched a few nail holes. i also found out today that my favorite people are coming to help us move next weekend! big yay for the vaughns as we are losing helpers left and right!! moving = no fun!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

these boots were made for stompin'

even though it's hot out today amelie decided she needed to wear boots! she used to be obsessed with them so i hid them for a while but now that i'm packing things are coming out of hiding so she's back to wearing them again! she's a hot tamale who knows how to accessorize!
we had a lovely little morning playing at home and then at church with our buddies the smiths! we even got to take a quick trip to home depot with daddy (for work) and then come back and eat lunch together! it's the best ever to see steve during the week and during the day, i'm savoring the moments since school and baby weber are fast approaching!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

toastey tuesday

it's a beautiful day in our neighborhood! well, in the shade anyways! we met up with our friends miss amy and her kiddos hannah and aiden and had a lovely time at the park! the kids were sooooo good this morning and all played together the whole time--it was awesome--especially since when the kids stay in one place the mamas can too and we can talk! woo hoo! after fun at the park we had lunch with daddy and now we're home relaxing! dinner is cooking in the crock pot and i have time to browse on ebay, my favorite!
here's a movie of the girls bouncing!
Check out this video: park

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here is what m.v.w. is up to this week!!

Your Baby

Your child is a looker, a real doll. She is practicing gazing, has hair on her head, and toenails. Most of her lanugo has disappeared. Her brain is already capable of memory, learning, and processing sights and sounds. Her internal systems and tissues are more complex.

Monday, August 13, 2007

moody monday

we had a lovely lazy day as a family yesterday and even all got to take a nap at the same time, what a treat! we're trying to pack in a lot of fun time with amelie as very soon our lives will all profoundly change!
the moving countdown is on, the walls are bare and we're excited about things to come. i've decided that once life gets settled a bit amelie and i are going to have to start a new routine--i feel as though i'm the only one around with no family to hang out with during the day and it gets lonely, i've lived away from all my family for 10 years now and it's not getting any easier--maybe if i get brave enough to start attending new baby-related activities or start something up on my own. i don't know, we'll see how life with a toddler AND a newborn AND breastfeeding goes...

5 reasons why amelie is fabulous
1. she is always happy to see me
2. she has learned to eat, talk, walk, jump, count, love, laugh and a million other things in just 2 years--it's a pretty amazing, if only we could get her to embrace potty training!
3. she knows exactly how to make me laugh and that i can't resist her huge "cheese" smile
4. she has an awesome memory and is starting to get really creative--even drawing pictures that kind of look like what she wants them too (apples and bananas are her specialty)
5. every time i look at her i am in awe of how awesome our Creator is and that He found me adequate to raise such a sweet girl

top 5 list of amelie's most over-used phrases:
1. i'll be right back! (she says this every time she leaves the room)
2. i need a diaper change! (self explanatory)
3. excuse me, i'm sorry! (she must hear me say this when we're shopping, so now she says it almost every time she walks by us)
4. come and see mommy!
***and my favorite of all***
5. my toes hurt. (i don't know how this one started, everytime she touches something with her feet--she says her toes hurt!)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

slacker sunday

family picture take 1

family picture take 2

so, my parents left this morning, with my puppy (who cannot live with us at our new apartment, big tear!). we took one final trip of belongings over to the in-law's and our house is increasingly bare. amelie is still nervous that her toys seem to be disappearing! it's been a longggg weekend. this morning we decided to relax and go to chuck e cheese and out to lunch since we're all tired and sad.
it wasn't all bad though--steve and i got to go to a movie sat. night while my parents watched amelie--so that was a special treat! that's it for the webers, today will just be a day of recovery as we prepare for moving day number 2 which is coming up the 25th and then moving day number 3 which will be the 15th, whew!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

a moving we will go

so, it's been decided! we're moving in with steven's parents for the few weeks before our official #2 move to our apartment. it turns out that my parents had to be close to the area yesterday, so they decided to come all the way down, with their truck, and we've taken a couple of loads of boxes, small furniture, etc, to the in-law's. we figured moving would be less stressful if we just do big stuff in the uhaul--especially as it will be nice to have a break from moving up and down our flight of stairs between now and our move out.
we also figured out that we can't technically move out at the end of the month b/c it's a friday and we wouldn't really have any helpers so we have to move the weekend BEFORE the end of the month (25th? i think...) so we can move on a saturday--there is ALWAYS something! right?! so that will give us a week to come and patch holes, clean the carpets etc (my mother has already very generously cleaned the stove, shower and fridge--yay mom!).
amelie seems to be doing well--i think she'll be fine living at granny and pop-pop's--she has been very disturbed to see us bringing her toys over there today though! poor kiddo!
i'm doing ok--i can't do much of anything, which is actually good, b/c watching amelie is as tiring as i can take--i'm having horrible back aches which put a hamper on my being productive. i'm wearing a super cool maternity support belt which seems to help, although, it hurts my fashion sense just a tad.
that's enough excitement for one day! i'd post a picture of my bare house but it makes me sad and i don't want to remember/commemorate the event.

Friday, August 10, 2007

it's official! a.k.a. please pass the pepto bismol

so, it's officially unofficial--we once again have our apartment! yay! of course, my life seems as though it is full of tangled webs here is the new laundry list:
1. we can't move until sept 15
2. our lease ends the 31st of aug.
so we can:
a. sign a one month lease for a much inflated rate and stay in our current apartment AND pay for rent in the new apartment for the same month
b. live with my very generous in laws for 2 weeks thereby saving TONS of money BUT having to technically move TWICE!
3. i know i haven't mentioned it in a while, ha, but by sept 15 i'll be 9 months preg. and officially will have reached blob-like status.
4. crazy lady has to ACTUALLY move out this time like she said she would...
5. all while keeping in mind that i technically didn't get to see any of my 9th month of pregnancy with amelie (pictured here, "coloring crayons" as she says)!

God is good. i am thankful but extremely stressed about the options that face us at the moment--saving money would be good but so would moving only once! we'll see what my darling husband decides (with no influence from me of course, HAHAHAHA).

in unrelated news i'm becoming more and more convinced that the 2% chance that the dr's said i might be having a boy will come to fruition and i'll have a gender confused boy wearing pink clothes for his whole life b/c i've invested so heavily in them =-) time will tell!

these are the kinds of things i worry about during my nightly 3:30-4:30 can't sleep, keep going to the bathroom, thinking about things i can't control, tossing and turning sessions...

Thursday, August 9, 2007

the good, the bad and the ugly

the good news
* m.v.w. is doing well! kicking me all the time and squirming about!
* i am doing well--i've gained another pound and and still alive even after waking up about 10 times a night to go to the bathroom (i know, t.m.i.!)
* my breast pump came in the mail yesterday so now we are all set for m.v.w. to arrive--if only i hadn't packed everything we've bought for her in anticipation of the move that might not ever be...which brings me to:
the bad news
* still no apartment we stay or do we go?
* it's HOT outside---so hot that i refused to go anywhere yesterday until i had to go to the doctor's! my poor stir crazy toddler!
the ugly news
* i'm having a bad hair day!

today amelie and i are heading to the picture people for a photo shoot--we haven't been in forever b/c i haven't been pleased with their service/end result, so we'll see how today goes! i just wanted to do something fun, free and different! i also have coupons for gymboree and childrens place so maybe we'll find some cute new duds for fall!

here is a vintage amelie picture (circa august 2006)
"gangsta baby"

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

wednesday weberisms

it's wednesday already and no pressing plans for the weber girls. it's a rainy rainy day--maybe amelie and i will do some puddle jumping today! i also have my 30 wk. checkup this afternoon and can't wait to hear little weber's heartbeat. she certainly is active these days! we still have no apartment news to share so i've decided to make a weber facts blog to get my mind off my worries!

* baby weber's name means "joyful"! i pray that the Lord does indeed give her a heart full of HIS joy! her middle name means, "true image."

* amelie didn't have a name for 3 days, we just couldn't decide between our top two (amelie vs. isabella)(but i always liked amelie best in my heart, i just wanted to make sure her papa loved it too!)

* my parents met at a roller rink when my mom was 13 and my dad 17--(they were dating siblings who eventually broke up with them, weird) it was love at first sight and they've been together ever since! on a side note, if amelie comes to me at 13 and tells me about falling in love i think i will drop dead of a heart attack!!

* both of my grandmother's names were rose (thus mine and amelie's middle names)

* my brothers and i were born a month early (maybe that's where amelie got it from!)

* i've been homeschooled, public schooled, and christian schooled

* steven skipped the 1st grade

* my parents have lived in the same county their entire lives (and had the same phone number for over 30 years...)

* my family's first home was 1 mile from my mom's parents, our second home was 1 mile from my dad's parents

* i have had countless phone numbers, lived in 3 states, 8 zip codes and a partridge in a pear tree

*i distinctly remember a conversation one late night with my best college friend, rachel, about the fact that we would never get married the spring after we graduated b/c there weren't any cedarville boy options...."except for steve weber" i said...2 years later we were married! (rachel was married within 1 year to a non cedarville boy)

* there are 3 sets of twins in my immediate family--my aunt and uncle, my uncle's daughters and my brothers.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

play day

here's a picture of my worn out toddler trying out her sister's infant seat! she likes watching tv in it--it must be comfortable! amelie and i had a very nice morning! we met up with our friends in the church nursery for some play time in the a.c. since it's a million degrees outside! silly me, i forgot to take my camera with me--they were being super cute and having fun together--it's wonderful to have friends with kiddos the same age! we even had a special treat when daddy made us pizza! he's the best!

still no word on our apartment situation--hopefully all will be resolved by the end of the week...

here's the story on m.v.w.--we have a check up tomorrow and then we switch to being seen every other week! the time is flying by! 10 weeks to go if we make it to 40! only 5 weeks if she's the same kind of early bird that her sister was!

Week 30
Your Baby's Development
Your baby has probably reached three pounds and about 14 inches in length. She’s also filling out a bit as she continues to gain weight, and these layers of fat help her to appear less wrinkled.

As practice for breathing after birth, your baby is mimicking breathing movements by repeatedly moving her diaphragm in a rhythmic way. This can trigger hiccups if she inadvertently inhales amniotic fluid. A pint and a half of amniotic fluid now surrounds your baby, but that volume decreases as she gets bigger and has less room in your uterus.

Here's what else is happening this week:

Baby's head continues to grow, and brain growth speeds up even more.
Baby's hearing is improving; nearly all babies can react (by movement) to sound by this week.

Monday, August 6, 2007

sleepy shelly

for some unknown reason, amelie decided to play slumber party until 11 last night...i say 11, b/c that's when i officially gave up hope and went to bed, so it was probably a little later! hopefully she will sleep in this morning!

so, what's new with the weber family? not a whole heck of a lot. i've been playing cool and keepin' it on the DL (that's down low for all ya'll out there who aren't in the know) but there have been some "complications" with our moving plans. aug. 1 we contacted the housing manager to sign our lease and he informed us that the lady who lives in the apart. and was in the process of vacating when we looked at it has decided to stay another 6-9 months or so.....the great thing about NJ is that renters are protected by law and can not be kicked out for not signing their lease (Which is good news for us as we have not re signed our lease due aug 31). anywho, apparently also the same day another lady at the complex has decided to move out and she lives in a single which is what our original crazy lady said she would actually like to move the following things need to happen in order for our move to work:
1. second lady needs to move to florida, within the next 2 weeks with a hopefully clean apartment that crazy lady can move in to
2. crazy lady has to agree to move into a single room apart.
3. after she moves they need to totally paint, re carpet, re light fixture, re bath re everything the apartment before we move in
4. september is only...uh, 25 days away
oh yeah, and my house is already half packed and i am a million months pregnant.

are you kidding me?

i suppose there is also the possibility that we can hold off on moving until oct 1 but extending our lease (at an exorbitant rate) for 1 month and hope that all the details are worked out by then. of course, by oct 1 i could in all probability have had m.v.w. already, so that would be fun--moving on zero sleep with a newborn and a toddler who has to adjust to not only a new sibling but a new home in the same week or so...

i would like to end on this note, which is the cry of my heart, the lyrics to a song that is mysteriously stuck in my head these last 4 days as i wait on the edge of my seat:
Do I Trust You Lord?
Sometimes my little heart can’t understand
What’s in Your will what’s in Your plan
So many times I’m tempted to ask You why
But I can never forget it for long
Lord what You do could not be wrong
So I believe You even when I must cry

Do I trust You Lord does the robin sing
Do I trust You Lord does it rain in Spring
You can see my heart You can read my mind
And You’ve got to know I would rather die
Than to lose my faith in the One I love
Do I trust You Lord

Sunday, August 5, 2007

dancing queen

5 things you might not know about me
1. i skipped the 6th grade but didn't start school until i was 6 so i ended up graduating on time.
2. before amelie was born i had only ever held one baby and just briefly at that
3. i started my master's in library science just before ameile was born but will have to wait to finish it until after she and her sister are in school!
4. the only thing that i can say with confidence that i am good at is decorating my home with perfectly matching objects from different stores all at a cheapo price. it's an obsession and i like it.
5. i'm scared of all goes back to growing up on the farm

5 things you might not know about amelie
1. amelie says "thank you mommy" after every diaper change
2. my little girl is obsessed with stacking anything that is possible to stack
3. amelie looks exactly like me when i was a baby--only she is the CUTER version!
4. she never once took a bottle or pacifier
5. she doesn't like having bubbles in the bath tub b/c she's sure there are pieces of poop hiding under the bubbles....she's a little different.

here's a video of amelie dancing to the songs in her elmo book this afternoon:
Check out this video: spinning sunday

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Saturday, August 4, 2007

sweltering saturday

the summer has definately spoiled us-i dont' know what amelie and i are going to do when steve goes back to teaching! it's WONDERFUL to have him to ourselves during the week nights AND the weekend!?!? it's pretty much the best ever. we had a nice morning sauntering around the mall and we went to visit granny for a few minutes.
here's a picture of amelie in pig tails! it looked better this morning but i love that she's letting me fix her hair now!!
here's another picture of her favorite summertime food--CORN! yummy!

we're totally bummed b/c we wanted to see a movie tonight (our impending arrival will be keeping us IN soon!) and our go to granny baby sitter is busy--we'll have to make it a blockbuster night =-)

Friday, August 3, 2007

friday is for family

here is a picture of amelie and me last august and amelie and me this august--time flies!!

we had a lovely morning as a family--we spent some time playing at chuck e cheese, shopping at target and eating at olive garden! yay! amelie and i settled in to take a nap and steven went out to order his music for the up-coming school year. apparently amelie didn't get the nap memo today and woke me up with screams and cheers about 30 min. after we laid down....this is my "take a nap please baby!" face....i'm feeding her and letting her watch george and keeping my fingers crossed that this will wear her out enough for at least a short nap...

and one final note--just so you know, duggar family--it's not a race and we certainly don't plan on giving you a run for your money--2's enough for the webers!

Arkansas couple welcomes 17th child
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - It's a girl — again — for the Duggars. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar welcomed their 17th child, and seventh daughter, into the world Thursday.

Jennifer Danielle was born at 10:01 a.m. at Saint Mary's Hospital in Rogers, Ark., the Duggars said in an interview. Jennifer weighed 8 pounds, 8 ounces and arrived five days after Michelle's due date.

Less than 30 minutes after giving birth, the Duggars already were talking of having more.

"We'd love to have more," Michelle said, adding that the girls are outnumbered seven to 10 in the family. "We love the ruffles and lace."

Jennifer joins the fast-growing Duggar brood, who live in Tontitown in a 7,000-square-foot home. All the children — whose names start with the letter J — are home-schooled.

The oldest is 19 and the youngest, before Jennifer, is almost 2 years old.

"We are just so grateful to God for another gift from him," said Jim Bob Duggar, 42, a former state representative. "We are just so thankful to him that everything went just very well."

Jennifer joins siblings Joshua, 19; John David, 17; Janna, 17; Jill, 16; Jessa, 14; Jinger, 13; Joseph, 12; Josiah, 11; Joy-Anna, 9; Jedidiah, 8; Jeremiah, 8; Jason 7; James 6; Justin, 4; Jackson, 3; Johannah, almost 2.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

is it really august?

i can't believe how quickly the summer weeks fly by--makes me a little happy not to be a teacher--but also a little sad not to be (i <3 teaching!). in unrelated news, i got the most beautiful card in the mail--some people are so creative and thoughtful (ahem, janet!! thank you!!!)!

amelie and i had a lot of fun yesterday--she was being so funny! she came over to me and said, "come here mommy!" so i followed her and she said, "look!" and she opened up the doors to her refrigerator and microwave and announced, "it's my zoo!" she had filled the every crevice with her little people animals--the fridge was full of horses, zebras and the like and the microwave was full of lions/tigers. man, it was cute. here are some pictures to prove it!!

last night we went out to get ice cream (which was fab) and for the first time really, i felt very tired, angry, hot and pregnant. it wasn't pleasant and i've decided i'm going to stay indoors in the dark like a vampire until it's 70 out again, ha! it's a good thing i've got plenty of packing to keep me busy! here's my vampire face! i'm glad it's thursday, i strong-armed steven into taking friday off for some family bonding time--woo hoo!!

really, old navy?

as if diaper changes weren't challenging enough, you now can buy "skinny" jeans for baby...i can't believe someone invented these! what were you thinking old navy?!?

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


hey ladies--fisher price just issued a HUGE recall on tons of their recently manufactured toys--you can go to this website and see if anything you own was affected!
i've dealt with mattel's recall before and they are super helpful and will get you new merchandise if you have an affected toy!


we had a bright and early start at the weber's! amelie woke up a little before 7 for the first time in recent memory (it's been months!). i miss my 9 a.m. wake up call but she's being precious so i'll suffer through it, ha! i love that kid. here's her "i'm up too early" face--i'd include a picture of mine but that would be cruel!

i <3 target--i ordered a bunch of baby stuff on saturday and it's already heading to my door today! i also got free shipping and 10% off! yay target! here's a picture of m.v.w.'s new car seat--i decided to go with the safeseat by graco b/c it can accommodate a baby up to 30 lbs rear facing (and since amelie isn't even 30 pounds yet hopefully it will last her sister just as long as it would have lasted her!)--it doesn't match my stroller perfectly but you only use a car seat attached to a stroller for like 6 months anyways so i'll get over it =-)

this is the car seat i wanted--it's way prettier and matches my stroller but it's the traditional infant seat that only lasts until 20, i decided to be practical (for once!)

i was surfing the web yesterday and found a quiz and thought i'd try it--if you want to take it, here's the address (sorry, i'm not tech savvy enough to hide a link):

Quiz: Should You Parent a Boy or Girl?

Your Results

There's Nothing Like a Dame We know there are differences between the sexes, but are they apparent during the baby years? You betcha! While many of these perceived differences are just stereotypes, experienced moms will tell you that some gender-related contrasts definitely exist. Moms generally agree that baby girls are a bit more relaxed during those early years. While mothers of sons are constantly chasing their boys all over the playground, daughters tend to be just a bit less physical. If verbal communication plays an important role in your life, then you'd definitely do well with a girl. They usually talk earlier than boys do, and some moms say their daughters were practically speaking in full sentences right about the time their sons were just beginning to talk. And if manners are important to you, then a girl will not disappoint in this regard, either. A recent study has proven that girls are more polite, while boys are more honest. (Nature vs. Nurture?) So, if you don't really want to hear how awful your latest grilled cheese sandwich came out, try not to have a baby boy! Oh -- and on a superficial level, it's much easier to dress a baby girl. One need only to visit a local baby store to notice that the selection of girl's clothing to boy's clothing runs at a ratio of approximately 5:1. (And boy, is that frilly underwear cute!)

yay for girls! although yay for boys too! i'm just excited about baby weber even no matter a she or a he!