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Saturday, December 30, 2006

the birthday bean

so amelie is offically 2 today! being with her these past two years has definately been challenging but also SO rewarding! i'm so blessed to have such a precious little girl!
not too much else is new on the home front, we just enjoyed sitting with amelie, singing happy birthday, opening presents and eating elmo cupcakes!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

random update that basically the most challenging year of my life, to date, is coming to an end i have resolved to more fully document my little family and corner of the world. my daughter, amelie, is growing so fast i can hardly take it in--she is such a joy-bringer, i'm a better person for just being near her! my husband is still teaching music at his alma mater (going on 7 years now) and i recently started teaching art part time at his school as well. going back to work has been full of ups and downs but it is good to be in the classroom and more importantly, it is good to be where God has made a place for me. so, that's enough of an update for now! i'm off to buy par-tay supplies for my little bean's 2nd birthday!