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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Whatta Week

This week sure has flown by! With Mr. Wonderful off on Monday and the fam off to vacay tomorrow it's been a blink! Today we had an early dose of dance class (they get their costumes next week!) tomorrow Amelie is going to watch Beauty and the Beast, the musical, at Mr. W's school. And since I'm totally not with it I invited all our friends to the park tomorrow to play with my toddler who is otherwise occupied! Oh Well, Maeve and I will have fun watching the big kids play and then after naps we'll be off!

Anatomy of a Spin

Wordless Wednesday: Bubble Trouble

Monday, May 26, 2008

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better...

I can do anything...

...better than you!

No you can't! Yes I can!

No you can't!!! Yes I can!!!

No you can't!

YES I CAN!!!!!! Yes I can!

On another note...

I love the scale of this park. It just speaks to me.

Maeve loves it too. She loves it so much she slept through the WHOLE thing =)

I'll leave out the part about how we had already walked half of the 20ish minute walk home when I realized I left my camera sitting on the picnic table at the park.

I also won't tell you that poor Mr. Wonderful had to run home to get the car and than drive back to retrieve it.

I especially won't tell you about how Amelie screamed the whole way home (after Mr. W ran off) about how, "Daddy HAS LEFT US!!!"


about how I "thought" we were locked out when we got home b/c I didn't have my keys


about how Amelie went potty outside


about how we weren't really locked out b/c Mr. W had left the door unlocked for us...

But I will tell you that we got the camera back. ;)

The End.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Polka-dot Parade

Best Way to Spend A Day

Saturday we went to the special early morning member hours at the zoo again and had a wonder-full time! I love beating the traffic and the crowds and enjoying the zoo when the animals are alert, awake, movin' around and eatin'! Today the children of all member's got free stuffed animals too! Woot! I love the zoo! I think I need to start a petition for early member hours every weekend!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Family Poses During An Early Morning Zoo Trip!

Fish Lips

Mm...stuffed fish.
Maeve is actually "eating" a bit more regularly now!
I fed her a bowl of rice cereal on a whim and luckily i accidentally made way to much b/c apparently she now LOVES rice cereal and scarfed the whole thing in minutes...

Friday, May 23, 2008

Dance Class Diva

Steve got out of work early today (his room at school has been taken over by the kids putting on the musical so he is a nomad these days) and came to dance class with us! yay! Here's a picture of Maeve ready to take in the action...seriously, I think it's literally impossible to take a bad picture of this kid.
Soooo Disinterested
(see the teacher looking at me like, "I'm tryin' here!")

Working on their routine
(sorry about the blur--the girls are on the other side of a glass panel and i was trying to avoid flash usage...)

Notice her hawt leg warmers?
She's too cool for school...
Showin' off her moves
Little Ducks Dancers All In A Row

The big recital is in 3 weeks....I totally can't wait!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Photo Shoot *Out*takes*

Toddler Angst

Daddy Protecting the Innocent
Look at the camera sistah!
Refusing to look at the camera now.
(Big sister doesn't really like to look at it either!)