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Saturday, June 30, 2007

6 years baby!

yay for six years of weber-dom! well, i suppose it isn't official until around noon sometime, but that's ok. we had a lovely dinner at anthony's in heights last night and afterwards strolled around town for a while. we walked by this cute gilmore-girls-esque coffee shop and i wanted to stop but they looked closed but in their window was a sign for a 2 bed. apart. down on 7th that we are going to go look at today! yay! if we do move we need to decide within the week but here's to praying for open doors and the Good Lord's will. it all seemed rather serendipitous though, i might say. we stopped for some fab ice cream at lite n up and headed home to our precious girl, who, by the way, was being extra precious (and probably just excited to be up till 10!). i love you honey and am blessed beyond words to be your wife and mama to your girls--you're my official favorite forever.

Friday, June 29, 2007


amelie and i had a very nice morning--she slept in and then we went shopping for some baby stuff and groceries. i also had a chance to order the dress i'm going to wear to my brother in law's wedding--here it is:

it's actually a bit prettier in person and matches the colors of amelie's dress very well so i think it will work (hopefully it fits, let's keep our fingers crossed).

we also got a chance today to visit grandma yoder--we are so blessed to have a loving extended church family--it always amazes me how God sends us just the people we need at just the right time in our lives--we love you grandma june!!
so, steven and i are going out for our anniversary tonight--woo hoo! we never go out (just the two of us, ahem, 2.5 of us that is) anymore so i'm super excited (of course, i'll be worried about amelie the entire time!). yay for 6 years of wedded bliss and 8 years together and 10 years as friends!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

hot, hazy with a side order of humid--coming right up!

things i am thankful for today:
1. salvation by grace through faith
2. my husband
3. my daughters
4. air conditioning
5. nap time

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

swimmin' in the water

it is hotter then hades outside today! i'm so thankful my honey got a summer job in air conditioning--i can't believe how humid it is! we got to play this morning at miss amy's house with hannah and aiden. the kids had fun in the kiddie pool and amelie did a lot of swinging as usual--she's my swing girl! she also dressed up with a flag and fireman's hat--what a patriotic and dutiful child--i tried to get a picture but it didn't really work out =-) we visited steve on the way home and now it's time for a nap!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

tired tuesday

i've been having a lot of those, wide-awake-in-the-middle-of-the-night moments lately and it's the worst! can't get comfortable, can't get back to sleep, worrying about all the ridiculous things in life that i have no business worrying over. so, my middle of the night moment turned into hours of tossing and turning so since i've been up since 3 i figured it's time to blog :) i suppose not sleeping is good baby weber preparation--and boy are we preparing! i figured out that if m.v.w. came home with us in 11 weeks she'd be the same as amelie--which kind of shocked me into gear! it seems to go fast and slow at the same time! we went to USA baby this weekend and looked at the stroller i've been wanting in person for the first time, gaze on it's beauty:

it's actually better in real life then it is on the screen and i can't wait to bring it home! i'm really enjoying all of this baby shopping since i'm not sure i'm gonna wanna walk down this road again anytime soon (if at all!)!
we don't have anything planned for today, just an errand at walmart and maybe a visit to steve at work!
our 6th anniversary is saturday! i can't believe how quickly the time has flown, how much we have been through together and what good friends we are--i'm so thankful for my husband, but here i am getting ahead of myself--here's what m.v.w. is up to this

Week 24
Your Baby's Development

This week Baby prepares herself for a big, lusty cry upon arrival. Her lungs are beginning to produce surfactant, a wetting agent that will help her breathe correctly and will keep her tiny lungs from collapsing or sticking together. Blood vessels and air sacs are developing in the lungs and will eventually exchange oxygen and circulate it to all parts of Baby's body.

Baby still has a lot of growing to do. At 1.2 pounds and eight to nine inches, she should add at least another five pounds before birth for optimum health.

This week, the following developments may occur:

The inner ear, which controls balance, will become fully formed. This means that your baby may be able to tell when she is upside down or right side up while floating in the amniotic fluid.
Baby will continue to explore her internal environment, flexing her fingers and touching her surroundings.

Monday, June 25, 2007

it's monday again

so, steve is officially back to work for the summer and we miss him already! we had a wonderful, relaxing week as a family last week and are so thankful for the time we could spend together.
on the way home from pizza fellowship at church last night we drove by a home with some very excellent trash and we picked a fabulous huge old wooden doll house that i hope to work on next summer for amelie to play with! it was a really cool find. i love heights and want to live there--know of any good houses for rent?
visited steve at work today and did some grocery shopping--not very exciting but it's always good to get some errands done! amelie is being very precious today--when she woke up (i think from a bad dream) she just wanted me to hold her for about 45 minutes--it was really sweet and makes me sad that she's getting so big--i'm glad there's plenty of hugs for now! oh! i hear screeching, i think that means it's time for a nap =-)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

backyard bbq

last night was a perfect night for an outdoor picnic/baby pool extravaganza! our friends had all the perfect accessories to entertain our 4 toddlers and they had a blast! they loved swiming together in the pool and taking turns (mostly) on the slide and swings as an added bonus the pool was at a perfect height to rest the tired feet of a couple of pregnant ladies. amelie loved the pool and had absolutely no fear about jumping right in! once she went all the way under and i had a mini stroke but she lived and jumped right back in! sometimes i can't believe how brave she is and wish i were a litle more brave--Lord, give me strength and courage for two weber girls!!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

he's my best friend...

amelie is enamored with daddy's old gumby toys--she calls him "gunny" and takes him everywhere--even to bed. last night she made me hug and kiss gumby 4 times before she was satisfied--here is a picture of them eating breakfast together this morning!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

it's good to be home

we had another relaxing day in the weber household--it's so nice to have steven home, i'm going to miss him next week!!!!! we finally bought amelie a bathing suit today so she's set for the summer and went out to eat at applebee's--which will probably not happen again for a while b/c miss amelie threw a huge screaming fit (for no apparent reason of course) and thoroughly embarrassed her parents.
anyways, she's being funny now and has been chasing us and tickling us--which is pretty precious. daddy just asked her why she was grumpy during dinner and she just laughed and started to tickle him to distract him...what a girl!
here's a picture of amelie foraging for food in her cowboy boots!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

green and slimey and inch-y all over....

i totally had to take a "blog break" from making dinner because as i was cutting up the red peppers--i saw a missed a small green spot (i thought it was a leaf) and i went to touch it and upon closer inspection saw a little inch worm. (steve is outdoors entertaining amelie so he couldn't save me!) ew. i'm totally grossed out and reminded of the time when as a child i was being forced to eat brussel sprouts and a little green guy was living on one of them--never again will one cross these lips!
so, not too much going on today--which is fab! the teachers at brs gave me a gift card as a parting gift and we went to barnes and noble to spend it--dvd's were buy 2 get 1 free so amelie added a few more to our non-cable days dvd library! i also got a new scrapbook b/c i've been trying to do catch up on about 300 pictures since steve has been home--it's kind of like torture! i love to scrapbook but prefer small over large doses! we have had a lot of fun these past two months and it was great to re-live some of the memories!
that's it for now! baby m.v.w. is squirmy so i think i'll get a bite to eat--seriously, i want to know what melissa's baby's name is--does anyone know?!?!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

#2 standing up!??!

I'm so glad that Steve is home for the week! What a blessing!!!! There is nothing better then being together as a family! We got groceries, went shopping for Amelie and m.v.w. clothes ( and out to lunch at chick fil a! Now we are going to go try out Mario Party 7 for Game cube! woo hoo!!! Here is what m.v.w. is up to this week! Also, I will explain my title at the end in story form.......Oh yeah, and apparently Amelie was blinking in our family picture shot!! and yes, i know, i totally overuse exclamation points and under use capitol letters..silly english teacher!

Week 23
Your Baby's Development

By week 23, your baby is taking on the shape of a full-term baby — but her bones and organs are still visible beneath a thin layer of translucent skin.

Although your baby continues to add fat to her body, she still looks wrinkly. This happens because Baby's skin develops more quickly than fat accumulates. However, she continues to grow, and by the end of the week will measure about eight to nine inches long.

Here are other developments this week:

She'll begin moving around more than ever, stretching and flexing the muscles in her arms and legs, fingers and toes.
Skin pigment is being deposited this week to create your baby's skin tone.
Your Development

As your uterus gets larger, it rests on top of the bladder, increasing your need to urinate frequently. At the same time, the growing uterus may trigger more back pain, pelvic pressure, leg cramps and headaches as you approach the end of your second trimester.

So I highlighted the "needs to urinate frequently" sentence b/c that is definately the battle I am facing at the moment! We went to chick fil a and I RAN to the bathroom only to find once I got there--a mom on the toilet obviously doing #2 (with sound and smell effects) and her son in the other stall--screaming to her--"I'm going #2 but I can't get my coat off!!" The mom replied, "You're going #2?!?!?! But you are standing up!!!!"
That's when I just walked away and decided for once I would grit my teeth and hold it.

Monday, June 18, 2007

there's no place like home...except of course for home..

so we just got back from a whirlwind visit to new york! i love being home and in the country....ah...the fresh air, zero traffic, trees and blue sky and the happiness it brings me! i always feel a little more like myself when i'm in ny, it's a good thing!
amelie had a lot of fun playing on granny and grandpa's swing and generally just running around the great outdoors. it was nice also to be home to celebrate father's day with my family and to see my brothers and their wife/fiancee. i'm sad that it was such a short trip but hopefully we'll get to go out again before little miss m.v.w. makes her appearance!
amelie did awesome in the car for 6 hours each way--only a few times did she ask if she could, "get out" and when i told her no she just said over and over, "oh no! oh no! oh no!" believe me amelie, i felt the same way and am glad to be in our little home...even if it is in new jersey...

Friday, June 15, 2007

almost there...

yay for friday...sort of. steve has to play for graduation tonight--his last school related gig of the year--woo hoo!
in other news, amelie woke up at 4:30 this morning and then again at 6--i think she's giving me new-born practice! yuck and yikes!
m.v.w. had her first bout of hiccups (that i could actually feel) this week--i think it was sunday or monday! i had a check up this week and she and i are both doing well so yay us! we're in the 6th month so hopefully the summer doesn't drag by too much cause i can't wait to meet her!
gigi is getting his first haircut ever today so i'll post a picture once he comes back from the beauty salon! other then that, i'm just packing up for our trip to ny! i can't wait to go home finally!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

where did the sun go?

what happened to the sun and nice weather? it's cool today which is refreshing but it's kind of a problem that amelie doesn't have any jeans that fit right now =-) i packed all the small ones away and everything we have left out is too big--what's a girl to do? =-) amelie has been watching a few cartoons in her chair winding down for nap time. we got to play with hannah and aiden again today and visit daddy all at the same time! now i think it's time for naps, yay!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


amelie had her first trip to chuck e cheese today and she loved it! we went with hannah and aiden and miss amy. i didn't know that they had so many rides for little kids, it was great! amelie loved the teletubbies ride and hopping onto whatever hannah and aiden were riding for free!

after chuck e cheese we headed to chick fil a for lunch and play time--the kids were a little distracted by the play ground but they ate a good lunch and then had tons of fun! what lucky kiddos to have mamas who take them fun places to play =-)

miss amy gave amelie a candy necklace and she LOVES it! mama is going to have to buy these on a more regular basis =-) we had a very fun morning and now it's time for a nap! woo hoo! that's the best part of the day =-)

newsletter of the day

i'm signed up for a million pregnancy updates and i just rec. this email and thought i would share the headline in bold at the top because it's so special:

Hello Michelle,

You are now in Week 22 of your pregnancy, and there are exciting things to come for both you and your baby!
In this issue:
*Hello in There

Wow. that DOES sound exciting.....

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

tuesday part 2

we did end up going to the park and i'm so glad we did! it's beautiful outside and not too hot! the park was slightly damp and amelie found all of the puddles but she enjoys splashing so she was in 7th heaven! unfortunately we were plagued with the antics of an "overparenting" mother--you know the kind that tells their kid in nine million steps everything they should do at every moment? first the slide then the swings--the boy was at least a year older then amelie and she was giving him such detailed swinging instructions i think i wouldn't be able to swing under the pressure! arms straight! legs up! legs down! don't let go! (little boy--"i have an itch" mom--"I'll scratch your itches" and then pokes his eye out with her fingernail--let the kid scratch his own itches! sheesh!) legs up! legs down! listen to me! don't look up! elbows straight! you know what you're doing--so do it!
oh my gosh, it never's amazing that some people can even make swinging at the park stressful!
other then that--it was fab =-) and we got to see steven which is an added bonus b/c he's our favorite! here's amelie on the slide of mud and fun!
sliding amelie

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happy tuesday!

happy tuesday! amelie and i don't have any plans today but it's a beautiful morning and if the weather holds i think i'll take her to the park! for some reason amelie woke up early this morning but is in a really good mood--which makes everything much more enjoyable (it also helps that i'm in a good mood =-). she was asking this morning where daddy was and i told her he was at work and her response was, "daddy's at work--he's playing piano!" of course, that's not what steve does all day but that's pretty much the only work related activity she sees him doing, so that's what he must do all day! she makes me smile!

Week 22
Your Baby's Development

This week nerve endings become functional enough so that Baby can feel! She may experiment with this new sense of touch by stroking her face or feeling other body parts to see how they move. You may feel Baby stretching her muscles by pushing against the muscular wall of your uterus with her feet or head.

In addition, Baby's liver is busy breaking down bilirubin, a substance formed by the breakdown of hemoglobin in blood cells. Because a baby's liver can only break down a limited amount of bilirubin, the excess is passed on to you through the placenta to filter from your liver. Baby weighs almost a pound now, and is seven to eight inches long. Although she's filling out, her body still appears wrinkled because she lacks a significant layer of fat beneath her skin.

Other developments taking place this week include:

Baby will form distinct lips.
If Baby is a boy, testes, which have been tucked up inside the pelvis, will begin to descend into the scrotum this week and immature sperm will form in the seminal vesicles.
Baby's eyes will complete formation, although the iris (the colored part of the eye) will still lack pigment.
The pancreas, essential to hormone production, will continue to develop steadily.

Monday, June 11, 2007

monday monday...

it's my first official non-teaching monday! yay! i had a whole bunch of errands planned to celebrate but am tired today so we just visited steven at work instead and amelie has just settled down for a nap. she and gigi were "playing" this morning so i'm posting a picture of one of their "games." she was bending over backwards and gigi was eating her hair or something? and puppies are weird, but they love each other!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

what do i do now?

special announcement: i have the best husband in the world. really! amelie didn't take a nap today b/c of her special "i sleep until 10 a.m." slumber party so mama & m.v.w. didn't get a nap either; so, he took her to his church concert tonight and i have the house to myself! i've done the dishes, the laundry, cleaned my closet and amelie's, sorted out baby clothes that are too small and too big, cleaned our "storage" closet and the dog, did the dusting and i even have time to vaccum--then what? it's pretty amazing just to be able to do everything without any little interruption or "help" from my favorite girl. i don't even know what to do with myself--that's why i'm blogging--THANKS HONEY for being fabulous and helpful and giving me just what i need right when i need it! i love you! (but i miss you and amelie so come home soon!!=-)

a little bit of lancaster

we had a fabulous day yesterday with our favorite people in all of pennsylvania! we love you guys and were so happy to finally see you!! the vaughns and the webers took our kiddos mini-golfing--which sounds fun in theory but is really just an exercise in patience and supervision--judah and amelie really seemed to enjoy it and i'm pretty sure amelie's a better golfer then me (mostly because she "starts" right next to the hole and then hits it in--she learned early on that it's much easier that way!!).

we also got some ice cream which was a big hit, played in the ball pit! and visited the over-priced but fun Choo-Choo barn--one of Steven's favorite childhood haunts. we love you vaughns and will see you soon for our vacation!!
i've included a picture of amelie mid-temper tantrum--she's my favorite, even when she's angry (poor no-nap baby!)!!

Friday, June 8, 2007

aw, the last day

yay and nay! it's the last day of school! it was wonderful to work this year. it was the hardest thing ever to work this year. i'm glad it's over! i'm sad to go! but summer is good for steven's short hours and lots of baby preparation to look forward to! i am thankful for the opportunities that the Lord has given me and the exciting possibilities the future holds! here is amelie running towards summer fun! (or danger, or something...)

Thursday, June 7, 2007

that's what friends are for

Some of our favorite people met us at the park today and it was wonderful to see them! Amelie and Josh gave us a run for our money today and I feel as though I've literally been working out (and i haven't literally been working out in months! ha!)! It's a beautiful day, if only I had my shades it would be perfect. God is good and we're thankful for the many blessing He has given us--and especially for our friends!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

amelie vs. the ocean

here is a little video from our ocean city adventures--amelie and her love affair with the ocean--as you can see it's a love-hate relationship!

amelie vs. the ocean

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Baby Girl Weber's Photo Shoot

Here's our newest pictures of our little girl! I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again-can't wait to meet her! She kicks me around all afternoon and evening to remind me she's there and I can't help but smile everytime I look at the big belly of mine! I love you baby weber!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

is that for me?

we've already had a lot of excitement this morning! the ups man brought us a shipment of: 1. maternity clothes from old navy! 2. new car seat for amelie! 3. new booster/high chair for baby weber!
amelie is trying everything out and i tried to get a picture of her testing her car seat but all i got was her running away and then hiding....ha!

december 30? but i wasn't expecting you until january 22!!

so, i started shopping for baby stuff the other day and it made me REALLY happy! we are all done with the exception of the few things family has asked to buy for us--now i just need to wait around 4 more months =-) i have vowed to be prepared early this time as amelie came a month early and totally threw us for a loop! i'll never forget buying the crib mattress on the way to the hospital, so i vow--never again! this time the baby will have a nursery to come home too and i will actually be able to put it together! poor steve was so frazzled from all of the shopping he had to do while i was in the hospital with amelie that he actually ended up throwing away the new sheets we had bought her and my breast pump, which was very sad! live and learn, right?! here's what M.V.W. is up to this week!

Week 21
Your Baby's Development

What does a baby dream about as she drifts lazily in the womb? We may never know, but beginning with this week a baby's sleep begins to settle into identifiable patterns. You might be able to tell when Baby is sleeping if you notice that her movements slow down dramatically at certain times of the day.

Some experts believe that your eating and sleeping habits, along with how much light and noise there is in your environment, all combine to help Baby synchronize her internal clock.

Here are some other developmental highlights that occur this week:

At this point, Baby's brain will be growing very quickly, especially the structure deep in the center of the brain responsible for producing brain cells. This structure will disappear shortly before birth.
During this week, Baby's general growth pattern will slow down. However, different organs will continue to mature, Baby's heart will get stronger and her legs will reach the correct proportions.