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Friday, November 30, 2007

beauty and the bath...or should i say sink

please give me a bath in the sink like baby sister? (actually it was more like--I WANT A BATH IN THE SINKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK WAHHHHH!)
oh no! i don't really fit very well!
ouch! i'm all wedged in here!

maybe if i put my arms up i can fit better!
i can do this myself!

i'm acting a little embarrassed! don't watch me!
thank you for once again giving into my strange demands!

the queen of fall

amelie rearranging leaves while wearing a princess ensemble

Thursday, November 29, 2007

making a list and checkin' it twice...

poor maevey baby is totally getting ripped off this christmas--well--that's what happens when:
a. you're too young to know what's going on/remember it
b. you already have a huge wardrobe thanks to big sis and all our grandmas
c. you are set to inherit a bunch o toys from said big sister
d. you'll probably sleep through it anyways
here's what i'm looking at for maeve (the girl who has it all and doesn't realize it):

what do you get a princess for christmas?

did you know that target allows you to make up a list of any kind (like for birthday or christmas presents) that can be accessed through their kiosks in store? i wish i would have known this before i emailed christmas wish lists out--i love target--they have the best ideas!
i'm totally dyin' to get started on my christmas shopping for amelie but have to wait for pay day...which is tomorrow! woo hoo! here is a sampling of what i'm thinking of getting for christmas! (her birthday is also coming up--so exciting! she's already put in a request for a barbie princess cake!).

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

excuse me while i...

...remove the lead infested choking hazard slip cover from the nursing pillow which i have been using 24-7 for the last 6 weeks against my sweet newborn's body (um..not to mention MY body) there anything out there that is safe? anything?

it's cold but i'm glad it's not THIS cold!

it was so cold in NY that amelie's "cheese" was frozen...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

75 + 75 + 25 = doesn't add up to 100! that's for sure...

maevey baby had her 5 week check today at the doctors and are you ready for this? (drumroll please....)
she weighs 10 pounds 5 ounces! that's a 3 pound weight gain in one month! holy crap! she's huge!
height: 20.5 25%
weight: 10.5 75%
head: 75% maeve is challenged in the same way as her mama--too much weight for her height! but luckily for maeve she's a baby and it's totally ok =-) although...i think for her mama's sake she ought to cut out at least one night time feeding!
she's healthy and fabulous--i love her!
on another note amelie was totally disappointed that she wasn't the one being checked by the doctor--she was stripping down and trying to hop on the table! her 3 year check is next month so she will get a turn before she knows it!
the next post is of the park--we ventured out after the doctor since they got us in right away and we were seen sooo quickly! (my favorite type of visit). the park was frickin' freezing though so we didn't stay long at all!

park it here--pictoral review

cheesin' because it's been soooo long since our last park trip!

amelie's face when she saw this! oh no! no swings!!

my face when i felt how cold it was! (even though yahoo told me it was 55!) and maeve's face--just b/c she was cute and slept through the whole thing!

i'll poke your eye out even though i'm wayyyy up here!

i love the park!

my beauty queen pose!

Monday, November 26, 2007

the princess(es) and the play date

thanks to miss amy for letting our kiddos make a colossal mess at her house! amelie had fun playing princess with hannah and i'm sure the boys had fun with their very masculine trains and soccer balls! =-)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

a little bit country and a little bit rock n roll

today i tried to get maeve to take a pose similar to one i took of amelie back in the day and this is the closest that i got...she was making some funny faces!
amelie rose--february 2005 (6 weeks)
maeve veronica--november 2007 (5 weeks)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

my first thanksgiving

this is what i did on my first thanksgiving! yep...that's ALL i did...

the princess and the pie

oh no! granny and mama are too tired to make pies!

luckily i'm barbie princess with super pie making strength!

first i peel the apples!

then i roll the dough!

mmm...pie shapes

i am victorious!

yum! good pie!

Friday, November 23, 2007

from the mouth of babes

there is a door at our church which has a sign above that reads, "Jesus Never Fails." steven often takes amelie through this door as it leads directly to his classroom at the church/school and tells her it's the "Jesus" door. the other day they were leaving church and steve asked amelie--where's Jesus (referring to the door)? and amelie answered..."Jesus is hidin' in the clouds!" and now, appropriately enough, that we're in NY and it's wintery amelie says, "Jesus is hidin' in the snow!" just thought i should share this story in case you were wondering where Jesus was...=-)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

it's thanksgiving and i'll cry if i want to...

maeve cried her first real tear yesterday!

upon seeing granny and pop pop leave to get groceries amelie stood at the door and said, "where did granny and pop pop go? i think they went to target..."
this made me laugh b/c
a. there aren't many target in ny and they are all far away
b. amelie thinks that all shopping trips involve target...well...they do in the weber household anyways!

granny let amelis have a present early--she's been dressed as a barbie princess for 24 hours now--with no end in sight!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we go!'s a lot more like down the highway through freezing rain and 50 million tolls...

our first big trip with two babies--say a little prayer for the webers!

happy thanksmas/christgiving!

Monday, November 19, 2007

heard around the weber household

amelie as her diaper was being changed--
"mama, my princess hurts!"
and no...i'm not sure what this means..

"oh no! my monkey!"

at 2:30 in the morning as i lay back down after feeding maeve:
steve: "do you want me to take my shower first and you can lay here and rest?"
me: "what?"
steve: "i said, i can lay here and rest while you take a shower first if you want."
me: "what?!?"
steve: "it's like 18th notes."
me: "wha?!?!?!?"
steve: "unintelligible"
me: "what?!?"
steve: "let me wrap my fingers around you"
me: "you're annoying and talking in your sleep."
steve: "that's ok."

the end

Sunday, November 18, 2007

things i'm thankful for in no particular order

* Jesus and His loving Father who turned His back on Him to save me
* my beautiful and healthy girls
* my handsome husband and his invention--"12 days of thanksgiving" where i get a present each day (i.e. on the 2nd day two types of flowers etc.)
* nap time
* all my new jersey in-laws
* paper towels and a working vacuum
* all my blogging friends
* my new phone
* thanksmas/christgiving this week in ny with my family! woo hoo!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

what are you trying to do amelie? i'm trying to take your head off mama!!

so amelie was sitting on my lap at the computer the other day and we were playing some online games--i think pingu or something...anywho--she started pushing on the bottom of my chin and yanking at my head so i asked--what are you trying to do amelie? she replied matter of factly--i'm trying to take your head off mama! where did she pick THAT up? ha! so all day she's been trying to take off her own head and telling me that "it's stuck!!" and trying to take off daddy's head and my head...

it's weirdly hilarious--so i thought i'd write it all down because i don't want to forget any of these moments--it goes too fast! my little baby girl maeve is already starting to "fill out" her 0-3 month clothes...sadness! she's 4 weeks old today! it's totally been the fastest and best 4 weeks of my life! i'm so thrilled with our little family and thankful that they're mine!

Friday, November 16, 2007

woo hoo it's friday!

i asked amelie to say cheese for a picture and this is the face she gave me:
the girls and i went shopping again today--yay for target! we bought gift bags for christmas! yes--i know it's a bit early for christmas but we're heading to new york for thanksgiving--weather permitting--where we plan to celebrate thanksmas or christgiving--the best holiday EVER invented!!! it's too much for us to go up there twice especially with two babies so we're doing it all at once! we celebrated it this way last year and it was super fabulous! i can't wait!!!

not too much else is going on--we visited steven for lunch and now i'm waiting for nap time to come around--although--i'm not too excited about it b/c maeve is sleeping now which means she will be wide awake at 1:30 when amelie goes down.

oh yeah--just for future reference--don't go to mcdonalds at 10:58 and ask for a happy meal--because they'll just tell you that it's not lunch time...yeah...i'm pretty sure i could have just waited for them to make the happy meal in the parking lot...but no--they wouldn't even let me order! i wasn't thrilled....well--i'm over it now, but just thought i'd share!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

it's the most wonderful time of the year

the girls and i went to the mall today because i've finally decided what dresses i wanted to get them for christmas--here they are! it is very difficult to find matching dresses for an infant and a toddler and children's place was the only store that had coordinating options (in my price range) AND they were on sale! woo hoo! amelie loves her "princess" dress and is eating graham crackers in it right now while watching barbie and playing soccer...i'm hoping this dress is still cute by christmas! Or, at least until we get our family picture taken!