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Sunday, September 30, 2007

it's already sunday?

this weekend went by so quickly--i hate to see monday come around--i love our family time on the weekends! we enjoyed church today and amelie lived through sunday school and seems to be over the separation anxiety she was feeling.
i don't have anything planned for this week but can't help but wonder what it might hold...i'm getting anxious!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

aw, my favorites

as a special treat, we were able to squeeze in a quick visit with some of our favorite people ever. being in a room with old friends is like being able to breathe again. i love you sarah rose, i always feel more myself when we are together! amelie had a blast playin' with her pal juju and kept asking him to play soccer, which i think is funny, since i didn't know she knew what soccer was.

amelie gave us the old familiar-"i dont take naps on weekends" battle but was finally coaxed to sleep by dear old dad. well, i'm off to wake the beast and then to a family reunion of our own! here are some more judah and amelie pictures!

Friday, September 28, 2007

insert witty title here

what a whirlwind day! i woke up feeling very BLEH and remained BLEH allllll day. amelie and i had some errands to run this morning and we stocked up on a bunch of last minute baby things and amelie things so that hopefully when the BIG day comes we won't have anything to run out and get! i'm uber prepared now and just playing the waiting game--i'm glad to have what we need as we were totally unprepared for our first little bundle of joy!
we were supposed to see some of our favorite people today but ended up getting a call from steven that he wanted to bring amelie to a special carnival at the elementary school. amelie had fun and it was fab to see steven during the day--it's my favorite! she took a great nap which was awesome since i needed a nap too! this evening we went out to dinner and shopping at the mall (atten. ladies with little ones--children's place is having and extra 50% all's pretty much the best). now i'm ready to crash!
amelie is in the other room screaming, "ALL DONE!" (she just finished her bed time snack) and today is one of those days where i kinda feel like yelling the same thing! i'd like to be "all done" being pregnant--i am feeling


i think it's time for bed!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

big girls eat "toes and milk"

well, not toes--that's what amelie saying the word "cheerios" sounds like! she loves eating cereal as many times a day as i'll let her and don't tell, but i'm secretly thrilled because it's the only way i can get the kid to "drink" milk!

today was a very busy day for us! amelie was up at 5:30 (i think maybe a dream woke her or something?) but at least she was happy to lay in bed with me until 7! we had to run errands this morning all over the county and then made it back in time to play with our buddies at the park (yay!) before i headed off to my dr's appt. i was hoping to have a really exciting--"she's coming any time" update but since i'm not technically 37 weeks until friday they didn't do the official internal exam but just a strep test, heartbeat listen and send me on my way! the only statistics i have to share are:

the doctor thinks she weighs about 6 pounds (that's not too scary--did you see the story that came on the air today about the lady who had 12 babies and this recent 12th child weighed 17 pounds! how is that possible?!?!?)

i've gained 13 pounds and am starting to lose weight--which the doctor assured me is normal--but i think is strange since i've eaten 3 pb & j sandwiches a day including 2 jars of peanut butter in the last week and a half! ha!!

well, maybe next week i'll have some exciting news to's gotta be getting close--i think she's out of room to maneuver =-)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

my daughter is a genius inventer who will someday make me..uh, herself millions and millions of dollars!!!!

what did she invent!?!?

a bologna and cool whip sandwich....

i was going to take a picture but i was too busy pretending i didn't see it happen!

the park's a lark except for when it's a goose

** we went to the park this morning--bright and early--and i was feeling ambitious and amelie was ready to play! after a few trips down the slide we headed off to walk around the local "lake" (about 1 mile all the way around) and amelie decided she was afraid of geese (she wasn't maybe she had a bad dream? who knows!). every time a goose came near us she would say, "hi goose! honk honk!" and then scream at the top of her lungs and run away. it was different....
** her fear also was transferred onto the ducks, which is a shame, because ducks, at least, are cute!
**we found some fish swimming by the dock and fed them some goldfish crackers--it seemed to border on cannibalism but i didn't share that with amelie.
** she is not scared of fish (for now...).
** btw--i am now too pregnant to walk a mile--i thought i was going to explode! i just did it last week and was totally fine--not fine today!
** i thought i was going into labor last night--turns out i just needed a nap, ha!
** tomorrow is my dr.'s appt--i'm hoping for some news like--she'll be here any minute! (well, any day at least!!)

we shall see...

i'm super grumpy right now b/c my nap didn't seem long enough so here are some things i'm thankful for so i don't take up this space complaining!

1. hair bands--i would shave my head if i couldn't put my hair in a pony tail!
2. mu mu type dresses--'nuf said
3. peanut butter right out of the jar
4. a.c. + couch + pillows (at least 4-6) + blanket + t.v. and last but certainly NOT least
5. patient husband

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

when nesting goes awry...

let me set the scene:
yesterday amelie and i had such a picture perfect morning--it was totally the best and we came home and she took a fabulous 2.5 hour nap (with only 1 crib jumping incident). steven got home from work BEFORE she woke up, we ate dinner and he whisked her away for almost 3 hours of park/play/icecream time--which was wonderful at first but then i started to miss them and he wasn't answering the cell phone (it was dead)--this is when the nesting instinct took over and took a decidedly morbid turn...

i decided to sort all of amelie's clothes (and i mean ALL) in pre arranged, mommy-approved outfits so that in case i die during childbirth, she would still be well dressed. HA! i'm not sure why, but this was vitally important to me last night. i also set aside a funeral dress for amelie and told steve that maeve didn't have to mourn because she wouldn't have known me as well...i'm pretty sure this isn't normal, but i feel better now and know that i'll have a well dressed toddler even if i'm not around.

on another note, less morbid but still slightly disturbing...
i found the solution for crib jumping--sadly, it's corporal punishment. insert big sad mommy face here! amelie only jumped 2 times last night b/c when she did i smacked her hand and told her to stay in her crib and go to sleep. urgh, worst sadness ever. she kept popping out the door saying, "hi mommy!" and no, i didn't slap her hand hard enough for her to cry--she just looked confused and stayed in her crib--which was a good thing even though i stayed awake for an hour crying b/c i had to be mean. hopefully the lesson will sink in and it won't have to be repeated! it's hard to be the mama sometimes (especially when daddy gets to be the nice/fun/park loving/ice cream buying man of the hour!).

well, enough amelie news! it's maeve's turn and we've made full term! go girl! (seriously, get going so i can hold you soon!)
Week 37
Your Baby's Development

Now Baby weighs almost 6.5 pounds and her total length is about 21 inches long. But she hasn't stopped growing yet; she'll continue to develop about a half-ounce of fat a day. Still, overall growth does slow from here on out. That's fortunate, since there is very little available space left in the womb as it is.

Here are a few final developments taking place in week 37:

Baby's immune system continues to strengthen. Her immune system will continue to get stronger after birth, and will not be completely functional until early adulthood.
Baby can now grasp with her fingers as dexterity improves

Monday, September 24, 2007

oh what a beautiful morning!

well, amelie was a night owl again and didn't stay in the crib until 11....bleh. i woke her up promptly at 9 and we had a quiet bowl of cereal before we headed off to the park to meet our friends--it's BEAUTIFUL outside! i love these fall-ish days with low humidity and warm sunshine! the kids played so well at the park and only got slightly covered with mulch. i'm so thankful that we have friends to spend time with during the week--what a blessing!

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

somedays never end

yesterday was a longgggggggggggggggggg day! amelie slept in like a champ but did not take a nap and then didn't finally stay laying down in her crib until 11 p.m.....i didn't think i was gonna make it! this pregnant mama is feeling those nine months of baby making and is exhausted! yuck! i even bailed out on church early to come home and rest--whew! happily, amelie DID take a nap this afternoon and i got to go shopping with my mother in law and we procured amelie and maeve's super cool double stroller--it's awesome, i totally hope it's not too big to fit in my trunk...ha!
steve and amelie are currently at the park so i'm gonna lay down and take it easy (i wonder if i'll ever be too tired to blog? =-)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

i rue the day...

...that she became a crib jumper.

sleepy saturday

amelie was a super duper champion sleeper this morning and didn't roll out of bed until 9:15--woo hoo! mama and daddy got some much needed shut eye (although we paid for it later with some nap time rebellion!).

lately amelie has been eating us out of house and home--she must be growing b/c she is on a serious eating spree! (she ate more then steven and i at lunch AND dinner! weird...).

we had a quiet day with a little bit of errand running, applesauce making, movie renting and a park date for steven and amelie (i sneaked in a two hour nap, yay!).

i'm feeling very pregnant and tired...but the good news is i'm going to procure my stroller tomorrow with my mother in law, yay! i can't wait to give it a home...where am i gonna fit it though?

p.s. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAR MADRE AND PADRE (and many more!)! i'm so thankful for you both and i love ya'll and wish i could be with you to celebrate your special day! i told maeve that she could be born today to help you celebrate but she isn't budging--i tried though =-)

Friday, September 21, 2007

aw, friday, i've missed you.

aw, i love friday. steven had to go back into work today but should be home early, yay! i love him, he's my favorite! we've been in our little apartment for a week now and it definitely already feels like home--it would feel slightly more like home if there were a dishwasher here, but otherwise it's all good =-) it's also fabulous to be close to everything! there are a million (well, about 5) different parks within 2 miles, our favorite ice cream joint, church & steven's school, 2 libraries, etc....i like it.

i <3 the library, btw--i scored two hi-5 videos for amelie to watch! she's having cable withdrawal so this has definitely hit the spot! yay for the library! i can't wait to work in one someday....

not too much planned today--i'm thinking of taking amelie to a new park and for a long walk as she has been resisting nap/bed time lately (anxiety over the move perhaps?). she certainly has that daddy of her's wrapped around her lovely little finger--here's a list of some of the reasons why her daddy is the best!

1. he's hot (this is more for my sake then hers, ha!)
2. when my patience runs out his is still overflowing for her
3. he loves to take her to the park and for ice cream when i'm too tired to move off the couch
4. he dances the routines with her from barney and hi-5
5. he tucks her in at night and sings her as many songs as she wants
6. he works all day, takes care of amelie all evening and works hard on his school work until the wee hours and never complains, is always helpful and almost always understanding of our needs in every way.

he's the best, i love you honey! that's enough mushy stuff for now--i received this in a pregnancy email and thought i would share as it made me laugh:

Thursday, September 20, 2007

thursday with daddy

so happy my honey is home today--sometimes i wonder how i make it through the day without him! we had a relaxing morning doing laundry and picking up a few odds and ends that we left behind when we moved. we also went out to a mostly enjoyable family lunch--amelie has learned how to jump over a restaurant booth so that made it slightly harrowing. i think, just so daddy wouldn't get too fond of staying home, amelie fought her nap today and crib jumped like 5 times before she finally gave up--what a daredevil! she's sleeping peacefully now but soon it will be time to wake her! yikes! maybe some ice cream will soothe the beast...=-)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

amelie says, "i know, let's go to the park and get chocolate ice cream."

every evening amelie has been telling us that it's time to go to the park and get some ice cream--i think this trend will stick b/c every time she asks, she gets it! (daddy has a hard time saying no to his precious!) i've been a bit bummed b/c i haven't had the energy at the end of the day to accompany on park/ice cream trips. it's been good to have time to nap and rest but i miss my little family and our afternoon adventures. i'm a wee bit jealous of my good friend who knows exactly when her baby girl is there an end in sight? (i know that technically there is, it just sometimes doesn't feel like it, also, i'm really excited!!!)

anywho, nothing much planned for today--maybe a quick trip to the park (but don't tell amelie b/c i wont' hear the end of it until we go!).

also, i love my apartment. i don't think i ever really appreciated how wonderful it is to have your own space. well, it's wonderful and i'll never forget it!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


i made applesauce yesterday and it is de-lish! mmm...i love homemade applesauce! i was inspired to make it b/c of the beautiful sunny, low humidity, breezey-cool weather we've been having--i need to find a pumpkin for my porch--i think i have some strange brand of pregnancy related fall themed nesting--ha!
we had the chance to get together with our buddies at the park yesterday and it was lovely! the weather was perfect and amelie had a lot of fun! it's definately difficult for me to keep up with her at times, there isn't much spring in my step! she was fascinated with the ducks that were swimming nearby and kept running out to check on them. she fed them some crackers and they ate right out of her hand! i think that surprised her a little bit =-)
i also presented amelie with her new baby and baby care set yesterday so we can start talking more about taking care of babies, being gentle etc. she loved the baby and even made me lay the baby down for a nap so that amelie could go lay down for a nap!
last night i went to bed early, so steven ended up tucking amelie in and reported to me this morning that amelie is now scared of the dark! she kept asking him what every shadow on the wall was and then looked at him and said, "i'm so scared daddy!" this made me sad! i'm getting a night light today b/c even mama doesn't really like the dark!
here's what my maeve is up to this week--we have an appt. today--she definately seems to be taking up a lot of space (and energy etc...)
Week 36
Your Baby's Development

Your baby is working hard to accumulate all the fat she can, in preparation for delivery. Her body is growing rounder every day, since about 15 percent of her total weight is now made up of fat. Once she is born, this fat layer will help her maintain her body temperature and give him a reliable energy source.

Baby now weighs around six pounds and is 20.7 inches long.

Major organ development is already complete, such as the kidneys and liver.
Some fine-tuning, such as the final development of the lungs, is still taking place inside the womb.
Baby's head is round, but by the time she makes it through the birth canal it may be temporarily a bit misshapen as the soft bones of the skull are compressed by powerful contractions. Her head shape will return to normal within a few days.

Monday, September 17, 2007

oh! so that's what it's like to have a quiet morning!

stream of consciousness blogging b/c i'm still a little incoherent.

where's my camera? here's a picture of amelie LAST september--i can't believe it was so long ago (reaction to hippo, first zoo trip with josh!)

oh man. so happy to be in my little home. quiet. waiting for amelie to wake up with all my things around me. it's good. i could cry big happy tears!

all of the big moving jobs are finished and just all the little odds and ends need still be attended to. (dresser drawer knobs, where will that huge pack and play fit? hide the toys!

last night was the first night in a week where i slept more then 4 hours--yay!

amelie is sleeping like a good girl and no more crib jumping--yet!

i need ice cube trays.

my husband looked fine this morning with his new $3 tie.

God is good. I am beyond thankful!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

home is sweet

i like my apartment
it's clean

Friday, September 14, 2007

0 and we made it!!!

lease day is here! we sign at 3--yay! my parents (the grandparents of the north) are coming down from NY tonight to help us move and i can't wait to see them! amelie, our granny of the east and i are heading out to do some apartment stuff shopping, then nap time, then apartment time!!

in other news, for my own personal edification and yours, a list of end term pregnancy symptoms that i am now experiencing (in case i ever decide to do this again...ha)
1. low back pain
2. it hurts to walk--guess how it feels to have to RUN after an active toddler--it's not pretty
3. marked fatigue--i'm exhausted when i first get up, when i take a nap, when i wake up from nap, when i go to bed...which brings me to last night's intriguing NEW symptom
4. sleeplessness....bleh
and also new last night,
5. trouble breathing
6. super over charged crazy uncontrollable hormone surges of anger, grumpiness and mayhem
7. hard jabs and painful kicks all night when i am trying to sleep

also, there are a few others that would be worth mentioning if i wanted to scare or sicken you, but i'll keep these to myself as i'm sure i'll not forget these symptoms....

other then that, things seem to be going well. i spent a good deal of my 4 hour period of insomnia praying that i wouldn't go into labor at least until monday (and hopefully not for a few more weeks!).

to add some joy---a list of amelie's new tricks:
**she watches shows like hi-5 or barney for the dance routines and tries to learn all the motions. she wants me to replay a routine 2 time in a row then she will try it on the 3rd time. last night daddy was trying to learn with her but he was messing her up so she made him sit down. also, if she messes up at any point or gets confused we have to restart the routine--this is the cutest thing ever. seriously, i need to video it!

***when she gets up from a nap she tells me "i'm tired mommy!" so i tell her to go back to sleep and she says...."no, mommy....let's (fill in the blank)"

****she likes to have other children's mothers push her on the swing at the park--it doesn't matter who it is, as long as it isn't mommy. however, when daddy takes her to the park she wants me to do it. who can figure it out.

that's it for now, my mind is full of morning fog. happy friday!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


tomorrow's lease day! and i can't believe we've made it this far! i can't wait! tomorrow is also pay day--so i'm excited about going to target and picking up stuff for the apartment!! yay!
we had a wonderful day yesterday---REALLY! amelie was an angel all day, we had a beautiful morning at the park with josh and megan, a lovely afternoon sleeping, and a peaceful night with daddy. no complaints here!
today we have a park outing planned with some of our pals---which is a good thing since amelie has already asked a few times this morning when she can see josh and the park again! we <3 our friends and are so thankful for them!
looking for ducks

sliding together

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

i stole this from sheri

go try the look a like meter at you can decide for certain who baby looks likes =-)

2--stands for "i can do it myself!"

it's wednesday! friday we sign our lease! yay us!
here's a video of amelie working on washing up!
undefined bubblin

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yesterday was a no good, very bad, awful day full of temper tantrums (from mama and amels) and insanity. i wasn't feeling well--otherwise we would have gone somewhere to take the edge off but i just couldn't do it! luckily steve came home for an hour during the middle of the day to help (of course, amelie was on best behavior...). i laid her down for a nap and more crib jumping ensued...when he got home he saw her true angry colors, which made me feel both better and slightly helpless.

i can't wait till life is more normalized (which, i realize could take months....yikes) as it's hard to expect amelie to behave as her precious self when her life is topsy turvey. she finally turned cute around 8 p.m. and we enjoyed the rest of the night! here's to a sunny morning at the park to cure what ails us!

in other news, amelie has invented a new game! it's called, "i can make it myself." it involves a lot of water at the sink, soaked clothes (thus no shirt in the pictures) and even pasta sometimes--hey, whatever makes the angry amels happy makes the tired mama happy!
yes, even amelie can take a bad picture!

this is what amelie calls, "making it." something to do with hard pasta and sink water....

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

may*v & ah*meh*lee

in case you're curious:
maeve---ranked 645 out of the top 1000 baby names of 2006
meaning/origin: Joyous/Gaelic: Maeve was the great warrior queen of Connacht in the Ulster Cycle of Irish mythology.

amelie--ranked 784 out of the top 1000 baby names of 2006
meaning/origin: industrious/hard working/French:'Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain', starring Audrey Tautou, is a popular French film.

michelle--ranked 74 out of the top 1000
meaning/origin: "who is like God?"/Hebrew: It was popular in the 1970s and 1980s, possibly influenced by the famous Beattles song "Michelle".

steven--ranked 90 out of the top 1000
meaning/origin: crowned one/Greek

check out any name that interests you here:

3.....and it's a crowd (when sleeping)

it looks to be a rainy day and that's fine by me b/c i'd like to lay low! little miss maeve is certainly sucking the life out of me now-a-days and i am tired. she's very active at night and doesn't like it when i sleep on my stomach or side and you're not supposed to sleep on your back so apparently i must learn to sleep standing up! i can't wait to count all of those little fingers and toes that have been poking and prodding me so much!
for some reason, this made me think of the other day when we took amelie to pizza hut (her absolute favorite place) and she was randomly screaming and throwing things all over the place and steve looked at her very seriously and said, "when you are 13 i am going to follow you to your first day of junior high. i am going to walk into all of your classes and thoroughly embarrass you. i will not be a cool dad." it really made me laugh-that husband of mine, gotta love him!!!!
so, i suppose the only plan for today is to re-wash all of the baby clothes that have been previously laundered and lovingly folded (i do not even fold my own clothes!) because they have been sitting in the basement getting basement-ey and cat hairy. big yuck. close....
here's the update on maevey baby!
Week 35
Your Baby's Development

In week 35, the average baby weighs around five to six pounds and measures about 16 to 19 inches in length. Your baby will begin to gain weight more rapidly than ever before…adding about one half to three-quarters of a pound each week from this point forward. And healthy fat is being deposited all over your baby's body, especially around the shoulders.

Because of her size, your baby may move around less as her surroundings become more cramped. Her head may be resting on your pubic bone in preparation for labor and delivery.

Other developments are also taking place this week:

The central nervous system will continue to mature.
The lungs will most likely be fully developed by Week 35.
Baby is beginning to develop daily activity cycles. You may notice that Baby is often more active at night when you're trying to rest!
Even thought they won't be considered “full-term” until the end of the 40th week, Baby's respiratory and digestive systems are nearly mature.
Baby's immune system is starting to develop.
The umbilical cord is now about 20 inches long and one to two centimeters in diameter; at birth, it will be about two feet long and a half-inch thick.

Monday, September 10, 2007

4's the score

we lived through another long weekend and amelie slept in her crib last night with no problems! hip hip horray!!! hopefully this trend will continue and we can forget that jumping out of her crib ever happened....
amelie and i had a lovely morning shopping at ikea with josh's mama, also known as miss megan! amelie was so good--i was impressed and rewarded her (and her hungry mama) with lunch at chick fil a. i got a few odds and ends for the apartment and can't wait to get everything packed in, hung up, put away, etc. friday can't come fast enough!!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

5 and i'm stayin' alive

yay! it's sunday! we're getting closer and closer to friday and our new apartment. we had a nice weekend--with a visit to the aquarium--it was awesome! we went early saturday morning and there were hardly any people there--it was the perfect time to go and amelie had a great time! it has changed A LOT since i was there last and there were a lot of new/interesting exhibits.
we went to church this morning and i got to attend children's church since amelie is going through some major separation anxiety--it was good, i got to brush up on my hand motion knowledge for various songs and on my glue stick ability.

amelie rec. her halloween costume this weekend and looks wicked cute as a lady bug. granny also bought a special surprise costume for m.v.w.--she is going to be a pea in a pod---wicked cute as well.
amelie inspired a babiesrus run today--we've been having a hard time laying her down for a nap on the weekends and today she jumped out of her crib, ran to the door and into mama's room for a nap. she laid down with me and luckily was out in literally 2 minutes--so i quietly crept out of the room and she slept for two hours in our bed. she later woke up, found mama's cookies, ate some, came downstairs--removing all gates in her path and said, "hi mommy!" so apparently she is a big girl now with crib jumping ability so, we bought her a special crib tent in hopes to keep her inside. we'll see how tonight goes--i'm a little scared!! hopefully it's not too ugly and we all get some sleep. i'm looking forward to saturday when we can set up her big girl bed which she will be able to get out of without killing herself! yikes!

Friday, September 7, 2007

7 days closer to "heaven"

somehow i misplaced my memory card so--no new pictures today ;( i can't wait till next friday! i'm excited about setting up our home and getting ready for the baby so i can sit back and relax and wait for the big day!
today we had a very nice visit with the smith family--we got to use their fenced yard and swimming pool and the kids thoroughly rearranged every room of the house with all of their playing =-) it's so nice to be able to get together with friends during the week! it certainly makes some of the long days more enjoyable!
i can't wait for nap time--it's so close! hopefully amelie is inclined to sleeping early and soundly today!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

8--it's great! oh that the cat barfing?

time certainly marches on--i can't believe how big my girl and her friends are getting! a few years ago these girls were tiny babies and now they're big bad toddlers ready to take on any new challenge! we met up with the smith family at the park yesterday (which was beautiful, by the way) and the kids played so well together! the girls scouted out new adventures while aiden was content to follow. it was a lovely day and too bad the park doesn't have nice bathrooms b/c then i might be tempted to stay past the 1 hour time limit i seem to have now-a-days :)
here's a picture of our mid play date feeding frenzy:


steve was home early from work again yesterday and treated me to some of my favorite chinese food at my regular dinner time of 4:30--one of the hardest things about living with other people is fitting into their schedule when you've had your own schedule (which has been a sanity saver having a baby!). steven's family eats at 7 or 7:30 p.m. every night which is like bedtime for me so it's been a big grumpy adjustment, but last night was a little piece of heaven getting to eat when i was hungry! yay for my husband!
i think today we will venture off to target for a few necessities and maybe a new toy for amelie. i also have to start making up my ikea list.....yay!
here's a video of the sliding babies!
undefined park kids

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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

9...(single digits now)

it's wednesday--and getting closer everyday to having our own digs again--i can't hardly wait! 9 days and counting!! isn't this a beautiful picture of my amelie girl? we played with our pals yesterday morning and had a lovely time!!! the weather was PERFECT (in the shade!) and we had some super helpful big kids there who pushed the babies on the swings and just generally entertained them which was fab--i need to borrow me a big kid everyday! thanks megan for the pictures! thanks janet for the big kids! beyond precious! and i finally found my battery charger!!
not too much planned today--but sometimes a quiet day is just what the doctor ordered. speaking of doctors, i had an obgyn checkup last night and m.v.w. and i are doing well--she was working on her olympic routine or something and jostling all around! at the doctor's the nurse was asking strange questions about like how far along i was (she was a week off) and about other details (none of which applied to me). i thought it was odd and then i got to the front desk and looked down at my discharge/receipt thing and it was for another michelle a few years older then me but due within a week of my date. apparently we both had appts. with the same doctor at the same time and he switched our charts. now i'm hoping they don't switch our babies or something....
and i'm only going to ask this one more time--doesn't anybody need a cat? c'mon now, she precious if you like you know, hair balls that climb on your counters and poop in the litter box in your laundry room, what's not to love?

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

10 (the countdown is on)

i feel as though i have a lot to say but not the strength to say it. it was a long weekend. i'm glad it's over but so sad my honey pie is starting school today! luckily his first few days are on the short side.
here are some highlights from yesterday
**we took amelie to the park last night--it was so fun. i love my family--steve was like, it's 2 blocks away--6 blocks later i could barely walk (yay braxton hicks contractions) or breathe but i made it and watched them play, it was good for my heart.
**amelie invented a new pool game--it's called, "soak the mommy." it involves soaking the mommy and then when you accidentally get a little water on daddy you take the towel to him and dry him off. i haven't laughed so hard in a long time!
**in the bath tub she handed me a plastic star and said, "sing it mommy!" so i sang twinkle twinkle little star which she desperately tries to sing along with and was staring intently in my face as if she could pluck the proper words from my gaze. it was precious, it made my heart hurt.
**her and daddy learned the entire choreographed barney routine to "mr.sun" i will video it as soon as i find my charger. sometimes my heart is so full of joy i just don't think it can hold any more! i have to remember those moments!!
my little maeve (joyful) veronica (a true likeness) is getting veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy big and kicky. i can't wait to meet her...although, it would be nice if we were living in our own apartment before the blessed event occurs....
Week 34
Your Baby's Development

As of this week, your baby has grown so large she takes up most of the available space inside the uterus, and can no longer float around your womb. Baby is now about 4.7 pounds and about 16.8 inches long.

Meanwhile, other exciting things are still going on inside the womb this week:

Your baby's adrenal glands are growing and producing corticoid hormones that, together with prolactin from the pituitary, will stimulate lactation.
The vernix coating on the baby's skin is getting thicker to better protect Baby's skin.
Baby's skull bones are still quite pliable and not completely fused together at the top of her head, which will make it easy for Baby to slip down the relatively narrow birth canal.
Baby's skin is gradually becoming less red and wrinkled as the fat beneath it fills out and stretches the skin.

Saturday, September 1, 2007


it's saturday and we've made it to the end of week 1 as house guests. it's going well and amelie is in snack heaven. it was wonderful having steven home yesterday--yay for a long labor day weekend!!!! we didn't do anything too exciting but my handy husband got some new housing info for us and did some phone errands for me.
nothing is planned for today but i'm sure we'll find something to do--i'm in the process of planning an ikea trip, and can't make my mind up as their catalog has caused me to want everything they sell!

in other news--anybody need a cat? she's looking for a new home now, if only i could convince them to get rid of the dog that wakes me up everyday at 6:30 and amelie up this morning at 7 :(