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Friday, July 18, 2008

Toddler Milestones: Things That Go *BUZZ* In The Night

Mr. Wonderful was outside playing with the kids one quiet afternoon when all of the sudden I heard:
I was sure A lost a limb or an eye or something
(she certainly hadn't lost her head since she was screaming at the top of her lungs)
Poor little lamb! I scooped her up and carried her inside to inspect the sting.
I kept asking her to point to where she got hurt and she was just pointing at her foot and screaming and wailing...and I don't know much about stings and all I did know was that baking soda helps something or other so I make batch of baking soda paste and well, you'll see...

I'm not sure I've ever used that much baking soda before or whether or not it accomplished anything but after a few minutes she was less screamy and more smiley
(although that might have had something to do with the ice pop I gave her for her sadness)
Apparently she had taken her shoes off outside and had stepped on a bee--which is funny
(not funny haha funny coincidental)
because when I was three I got my first bee sting on the bottom of my foot too!
We must be related or something =)


Janet said...

Aw, poor A! My mom used to do the baking soda thing too.

Ree said...

My that's an awful lot of baking soda!! Looks like it, along with that ice pop, worked!!
Like mother like daughter!! Let's hope MB doesn't inherit the same incidence!!

Emily said...

Ha! I still remember when my next door neighbor got stung on the bottom of his foot- I was maybe 4? I wore shoes everywhere for like a year!

cherryt7 said...

It's weird how often that happens... I was four and remember very clearly that happening to me, too! We lived in St. Louis... I hate when the kids get hurt... It's life but it still stinks. (But then i do tend to get VERY annoyed when they get dramatic when we're trying to solve the issue... my patience disapates pretty quick.)