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Monday, January 21, 2008

A Day in the Life of My Darling Daughters

Maeve woke up at 7:30
Amelie woke up at 9

Maeve went back to sleep at 9
Amelie used the potty and it only took one hour (9-10)

We went to Target and had the girls pictures taken together for the first time and they turned out marvelous!

We had lunch (Maeve slept through most of this)

We took a nap from 1-4 (Maeve and Me) and 2-4:30 (Amelie). Daddy took no nap and worked on his Class work.

Amelie used the potty AGAIN
Maeve slept through it AGAIN

We visited a Granny and Now...
we're ready for bed!


Anonymous said...

yeah! good job Amelie! and yeah for a day to enjoy family and home :o)

This grannie is looking forward to seeing these beauties in person!

love to all - madre xoxo

Sheri said...

WOW- What a sweet day!!! I was wondering how you managed to get a nap with Amelie still up and then I remembered it was MLK day- makes sense now:)